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One Source Solution To Your Project’s Worries

Mobile Welding

Aluminum & Stainless Steel Fabrication,

Metal Glue, Metal Epoxy, Polyurethane,

Prevention of Corrosion in Industry,

Product Manufacturing & Distribution,

Created by passion to technology, an advanced welding shop in London Ontario

JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers out of our welding shop in London, Ontario:

  1. on-site mobile welding,
  2. on-site portable welding,
  3. in shop and on-site metal fabrication,
  4. on-site and in-shop metal epoxy resin service, and
  5. on-site industrial corrosion service including aluminum corrosion

In the light of our technological advancements, we serve as a designated welders for most difficult and sophisticated projects that require advanced welding technologies of SMAW, GTAW and GMAW also in mobile, portable and shop setups for all metals. Moreover, we are a One Source Welding Solution to your most challenging project’s worries that could involve:

  1. prototype building,
  2. precise steel fabrication,
  3. aluminum fabrication,
  4. stainless steel fabrication,
  5. on-site modification,
  6. on-site corrosion repair that includes aluminum pitting repair, and
  7. advanced welding repair needs.

Welding shop with certified welder in London Ontario for steel welding, aluminum welding, and stainless steel welding

In the first place, our certified welder and certified industrial mechanic focuses on the strongest weld possible in aluminum welding, stainless steel welding and mild steel welding in London, Ontario and in Southern Ontario. In order to assure you of a strongest weld, we make available to you multiple welding technologies, multiple welding machines, technologically advanced welding rods, wires and fillers (about 80 different kinds). And, we continue our quest in search of better welding technologies, better welding consumables, and better technological solutions.

Moreover, our mobile welding service, also available for aluminum welding and stainless steel welding for variety of material thicknesses, involves mobile and self-propelled welding machines as well as our portable welding machines. Additionally, our mobile welding provides heat cast and torch cutting services with a heavy duty torch.

Through our mobile welding service, we offer also in place and on-site welding cast iron, welding cast steel and welding cast aluminum. Although, we take the most complicated welding projects that could include crack repair to our small welding shop, we try to accomplish all projects on client’s site. Most importantly, we repair large cast on client’s site. Furthermore, we repair difficult to handle casts that are impossible to remove, or very costly to remove and install back.

Corrosion service, metal glue and epoxy resin services for metals in industrial and commercial settings

The epoxy service and corrosion protection service complement our welding services for commercial and industrial clients on Southern Ontario. These money saving services, the metal epoxy resin, polyurethane, adhesive services focus on:

  1. metal glue’s corrosion defects repair
  2. material defects repair
  3. some welding defects repair
  4. increase of mechanical impact ( friction) resistance, and
  5. increase of chemical corrosion resistance.

Most of metal epoxy resin projects, we accomplish on client’s site and in place. Additionally, we perform pitting corrosion repairs on steel and on aluminum using epoxy rust converter suitable also for aluminum corrosion. And, then we follow with multiple layers of custom metal glue. Such repairs are very popular for oil and water leak elimination and container water sealing, for instance.

Not only our corrosion service focuses on on-site and in place corrosion of metals prevention but also on chemical corrosion prevention and corrosion repair. Furthermore, we also provide corrosion protection from pitting in aluminum and in stainless steel. With our corrosion service, you will keep the element protected corrosion free for years.

Within the line of about 24 types of epoxy glues and 16 epoxy enhancements, we choose components of your custom make metal glue considering: temperature, type of metal, desired strength, surface position, and desired resistance. With a number of rust inhibitors and rust converters, and almost 6 years of extensive experience, we are able to provide solutions to your unique challenges.

In summary, JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers solutions in areas where welding is too expensive, impossible due to lack of access or due to timing constrains. Or simply because welding technologies available do not guarantee positive results in your particular case.

Welding Shop Repair of Small Parts

In order to receive a price discount, please deliver small parts to our welding shop. As a condition, the broken parts must be small and easy to handle by one man. These small parts include:

  1. Dismantled Expensive automotive parts
  2. Broken Toys.
  3. Damaged Tools.
  4. Broken Fixtures.

Small parts that are not pick up within 2 weeks will be disposed, unless we are informed of a prolonged pick up schedule.

Payment policies

JW Portable Welding does not facilitate any payments through this website and all payments are conducted through P.O.S. on side or called in, wire transfers and certified cheques

Mobile & Portable Welding Payment

Small jobs accomplished on customer’s site or on designated site and “in place” are payable by cash or credit card after the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction. Moreover, all new customers pay with credit card disregarding their location and the job size. Furthermore, construction companies will be required to pay a deposit and then pay the outstanding amount with the credit card due to the notorious difficulties to collect payments in the construction industry.

Welding Shop Payment for manufactured or fabricated products

Most importantly, our welding shop in London, Ontario payment policy follows the policy of any grocery store in this province. And, all fabrication products and manufactured products are paid for by clients when they take possession of products.

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