Our company's welding and epoxy glue projects

Collage of our welding company's projects that include advanced welding projects and epoxy glue projects

Our welding company’s projects section contain advanced welding projects and epoxy glue projects completed by welding shop and on-site welding services in Ontario. These projects focus on repairs, modifications, and improvements rather than fabrication or production. You can find our fabrication projects in fabrication section. And products produced or distributed in products’ section. You are welcome to visit metal fabrication and our innovative products section to develop more insight of our technological capabilities.

Welding company’s projects on construction site

The beginning of our welding company commercial operation originated in providing auxiliary welding services in construction of apartment buildings, industrial buildings and other highrise constructions. While working for builders, we have realized that we need to focus on the top floor operation. This is where the action is. Unfortunately, most mobile welders reach maximum of first 3 or 4 floors and they face difficulties going higher.

In order to increase our efficiency and flexibility, we have purchased and then modified a relatively lights and self-propelled welding machine. This welding machine suites CWB welding on construction sites and follows the welder like a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, our welding machine crosses easily debris and scaffold located on the top floor. And our welder can weld all designated spots without stretching long cables on the top floor eliminating significant tripping hazards. Our machine does not take precious top floor space. Most importantly, it does not preoccupy your crane as it is necessary if you need to relocate the bulky rental welding machine. Furthermore, with additional set of welding cables, we can hit 2-3 floors below the top floor and we can relocate even lower traveling on the stairs. We travel up to Toronto with welding projects on construction sites.

Welding projects in property maintenance, on-site and in welding shop service

Aside of welding on construction sites we have expended to welding projects within property maintenance area. We have developed expertise to weld cracks, exchange bents and rusted sections of handrails and railing in order to extend their utilization time. More precisely, we focus this service rather on aluminum railing and stainless-steel railing since they are more technologically demanding.  However, we also extend the utilization time of rusted mild steel railings by replacing rusted bottom parts of the railing posts.

Both railings, aluminum railing and stainless railing, have motivated us to add and modify welding equipment and tooling. After many months of aluminum rod testing supplied, we have found an aluminum rod that suits our needs. Now, we can weld aluminum in windy conditions. Welding repairs of aluminum railing in repair shop environment is done with 5xxx filler rod using Tig. And for stainless-steel railing we use 308 stainless filler for Tig or Mig. With our railing services, we cover radius of about 150 km from London regarding aluminum railing and stainless-steel railing.

OWSJ reinforcement

Welding of OWSJ reinforcement has come to us an extension of construction industry. These projects focus on bottom and top chord reinforcement and web reinforcement. We have participated in many OWSJ reinforcement projects that included variety of reinforcement elements, reinforcement concepts, and weld types and sizes. Moreover, we have also participated in few inspections prompting some welding repairs after other welders rather rushed approach. The OWSJ reinforcement welding is rather local operation for us since many mobile welders provide this service.

Welding repairs for heavy equipment, machinery trader or operator

The welding repairs for heavy equipment operator, machinery trader, heavy equipment trader or heavy machine operator have lifted our company from a local welding company to a regional welding company. Mastering of precision welding of cracks combined with advanced high tensile rods and sophisticated alloy rods have increased our geographical reach. Moreover, impact resistance welding rods and advanced abrasion materials has increased our comparative advantage. Finally, we have become a preferred welding service supplier for number of large size equipment companies and equipment rental business.

In order to improve our services, we have innovated in “fish plate” custom shape and “fish plate” welding technique on top of a welded crack. Moreover, we have also perfected our welding technique and post welding heat distribution to correct misalignment of cracked components. Furthermore, the symmetrical or asymmetrical weld distribution along with concentrated heat distribution technique have allowed us to align sophisticated equipment and machinery. As a designated equipment and machinery welding company, we cover area up to Toronto working for operators, traders and owners.  

Welding repairs of flatbed trailers on motor vehicle inspection station

The welding repair projects of flatbed trailers on motor vehicle inspection stations have developed as an extension of welding on heavy equipment. Our welding techniques and procedures for welding different types of cracks and the ability to weld repair them on steel or aluminum has given us an upper hand in 3 motor vehicle inspection stations closed to the border with Michigan.

The welding on motor vehicle inspection station includes our presence until your flatbed trailer or semi-truck passes the safety inspection report. Therefore our service includes:

  1. finding all cracks, and
  2. comparison of cracks found by us with failed safety report,
  3. weld repair of all cracks,
  4. presentation of repaired cracks to the officer along with welding methods to used,
  5. sending you a clean safety inspection report along with pictures of welded cracks, and
  6. sending you Additional Welding Needed Report

Our goal is to have your driver on the road as quickly as it is possible. However, we want you to be aware of any additional welding that is required on your semi-truck or your flatbed trailer.

Welding of damaged cast

Our welding company repairs damaged casts: cast iron, cast aluminum and cast steel. Most difficult welds on small damaged cast, we do in our repair shop. However, we also repair large and difficult to move iron casts and steel casts in place and on customer’s site. Our mobile method of damaged casts includes constant temperature technique combined with very advanced welding rods or fillers. We reduce cost of damaged cast repair by elimination of excessive shutdown costs associated with removal, transportation, and installation of large cast. And we achieve extra-ordinary results.

In order to achieve these extraordinary results, we have innovated with:

  1. temperature monitoring devices,
  2. cast temperature corrections techniques,
  3. cast thermal expansion corrections in ribbing areas, and
  4. multiple welding rods manufactured in North America.

It has quickly become obvious to us, that testing of welding rods suitable for cast iron or cast steel welding is paramount in development of our services. Consequently, only few welding rods has passed our criteria. Moreover, for cast aluminum welding, we had to add another welding machine with multiple Tig guns to accommodate different aluminum alloys in variety of cast thicknesses. Furthermore, we also had to improve on quality tungsten selection specific to welded alloys in sizes suitable to these casts’ thicknesses.

The on-site service for damaged large casts allows us to travel with this highly advanced welding service through the whole Ontario including northern Ontario. Clients deliberating to replace the large cast iron, cast aluminum or cast steel are welcomed to inquire about the welding repairs of damaged casts.

Welding repair projects on cracked engine block of luxury cars or semi-trucks

The welding repair projects on cracked engine block of luxury cars or semi-trucks have developed from welding of damaged cast iron, cast aluminum and cast steel sector. Now, this area stands alone with different portable equipment serving this sector. The development of multi-layer or extremely thin  cast extensions complicates welding repair projects on cracked engine blocks. Within this service, we do repairs of damaged cast extensions and damaged threaded holes. But for cracks that have penetrated through the engine block we recommend metal glue seal. With welding repair of cracked engine block, we travel up to Toronto area. However, noticeably more semi-trucks engine blocks are being repaired by sealing cracks.

Epoxy glue projects that involves corrosion repair, pitting repair and cracks sealing

The epoxy glue projects that involves corrosion repair, pitting repair and cracks sealing on water tanks has developed into a new service area. We now offer these technologically advanced services in situations when we can not use our welding services. As usual, our actions are focused on increase of utilization time of old water tanks damaged by corrosion. We use methods to deactivate corrosion at its source and then repair the damaged spots using epoxy glue. The both types, steel and aluminum, of water tanks are suitable for epoxy glue application.

We handle presently 24 different custom-made epoxy glues with different parameters suitable for different applications. The customization of epoxy glue takes place on-site according to best trade practices. Most importantly, handling of shortened live pot epoxy glue is timed for safety. We also offer 16 different additives to the epoxy that enhance the glue’s:

  1. chemical resistance,
  2. impact resistance, and/ or
  3. temperature resistance.

We cover the area up to Toronto with the corrosion repairs, pitting repairs and cracks sealing on water tanks. Moreover, our clients have used corrosion service on structural elements exposed to chemical corrosion.

Welding repair projects of old commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment

Welding repairs projects of old commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment in Southern Ontario have served us very well. For instance, we have become a designated welder for a few fast food chains and kitchen equipment repair companies. The kitchen equipment sector uses our on-site and welding shop services.

The portable stainless steel welding in kitchens challenge welder in its welding difficulties and uncomfortable position. The grease and steam does not simplify our work. That is why, we have invested in a new modified Mig welding machine for stainless steel. Now, we can weld stainless steel sheet metal up to 22 gauge and make long sealing welds. We have also equipped ourselves with additional custom-made extensions and adapters, as well as custom made tooling.

Using our technological advantage, we can weld leaking stainless-steel sinks, stainless steel tables, stainless-steel brackets in stoves or fridges and some stainless-steel pots on-site. More complicated welding such as food steamer crack welding, mixing pot welding that require water seal testing prior welding and after welding must go to our repair shop.

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