Welding commercial kitchen, restaurant, equipment

We extend utilization time by welding cracks on bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment or restaurant equipment such as: food steamer, commercial sink, stainless-steel table. Our welder performs simple welding on stainless steel restaurant equipment in your commercial kitchen. Our stainless steel welder is able to weld very long cracks in stainless steel sink sealing them completely. And put very small, strong welds stainless steel tables on-site in your commercial kitchen. However, we tend take more complicated welding repairs of stainless steel shelving or leaky food steamer to our shop. As a preferred stainless steel welder for a few fast food chains, we provide stainless steel welding of

  1. cracks causing leaks,
  2. stainless steel modifications,
  3. grill and griddle weld repairs,
  4. brackets welding in stainless steel fridges and stoves,
  5. custom stainless steel hanger fabrication, and
  6. custom stainless steel burner fabrication.

Cracks in commercial kitchen or restaurant equipment

Old commercial kitchen or restaurant equipment made from thin stainless-steel sustains cracks due to, thermal expansion and contraction affecting low grade, thin material. Additionally, the poor quality or lack of stainless-steel welds in proper locations also contribute to crack development. And, years of standard equipment abuse by busy kitchen crew adds on top of it. In fact, minor cracks can make restaurant equipment such as food steamer, commercial sink and stainless-steel table completely unusable due to leaks or instability. These cracks cause water leaks from food steamer and commercial  stainless steel sink. For instance, the 3 compartment sink passes dish washing liquid between compartments that makes cleaning dishes impossible. And the unstable stainless steel table with detached legs becomes a safety hazard. All of these troubles are made by simple cracks. Asian manufacturers have produced our restaurant equipment from thin stainless steel sheets for years. Although, they have provided this equipment at reasonable prices, their thin stainless steel is prone to cracks. Additionally, most of this equipment is poorly welded by robots that place defective or insufficient welds. So, this is a trade of between the reasonable price and the short utilization time.

Cracks in food steamer

The food steamer develops cracks at the bottom of the equipment in close proximity to the heating element. These cracks develop due to thermal expansion and contraction. Moreover, the continues accumulation of sediments in weak area triggers expansion of weak joints. These cracks cause significant leaks of hot water and make the food steamer useless.

Cracks in commercial stainless-steel sink

Cracks in commercial stainless-steel sinks are well known in restaurant business. These crack cause leaks of water outside of sink and movement of dishwasher liquid through sink’s compartments. The cracks that cause leaks outside the stainless-steel sink are caused by the manufacturer’s attempt to bend the stainless steel with no radius or extremely low radius. Surely, such sinks are looking fancy but are not practical. The lack of feeding stainless steel wire for welding robot causes sink compartment’s partitions not being welded properly at the bottom. Once your employee puts heavy items to the 3-compartment sink causing the bottom of the sink to bend down a little. Then the gap between sink bottom and its partition opens. Through this opening the dishwasher liquid and water mixture spreads to all sink’s compartments making rinsing impossible.

Cracks in stainless steel table

Cracks in stainless steel table make it unstable or even dangerous creating safety hazard. The weakest spot of the table is in the joint between the bottom shelf and the table legs. Storing heavy materials on the bottom shelf causes cracks on the shelf. Alternatively, stainless steel or plastic brackets that attach the bottom shelf to the legs can crack. Once the brackets are completely broken, then the leg becomes detached and the table becomes unstable. We can quickly correct this problem by weld repair. And, if necessary, we can also modify the table for additional containers.

Welding repairs to bakery equipment

Our involvement in welding repairs of bakery equipment focuses on three areas:
  1. repair of mechanism moving the product that has sustained damage close to bearing seats,
  2. provide new modified burners since nobody produces the old burners any more, and
  3. repair the cracks in the mixer’s pot.
The most common repairs on bakery equipment is welding cracks on mixer's pot. However, fabrication of custom-made burners for the old equipment is most beneficial to our clients. Some owners resort to acquire custom-made stainless-steel burners fabricated by us to extend the utilization time of their old bakery equipment. And eliminate the need to buy a new bakery equipment. The suppliers of bakery equipment do not manufacture stainless-steel gas burners for old bakery equipment. The lack of burners forces owners of old equipment to buy a new equipment for their bakery.

Welding brackets to restaurant equipment: commercial dishwasher, fridge and stove

We weld brackets to restaurant equipment such as commercial dishwasher, commercial fridge and stove in order to increase their resistance to vibration and load. We provide this common welding service on-site. Many stainless-steel brackets become detached due to
  1. excessive weight,
  2. very poor quality original stainless-steel weld, and
  3. impact.
Such repairs are very common and require minimum preparation

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