Certified Mobile Welder with Torch Cutting

We are a certified mobile welder with a heavy torch cutting .  Our mobile welder specializations and technical capabilities allow us to grow our geographical reach in Southern Ontario. We travel up to 350 km from London with our mobile welding unit. The mobile welding unit is equipped with self-propelled diesel welding machine, 600 ft cables and other welding equipment. Many of our clients use mobile welding services available to them locally. When it comes to complicated and challenging welding, our clients call us. Our knowledge of advanced welding rods and fillers along with the ability to provide multiple welding techniques, serves us well. If we have offered welding services based on 7018 welding rod than we would be confined to strictly London area. And our mobile welding service would be offered on part-time bases. Our certified mobile welder capabilities and specializations are the key to our success. Welder's capabilities and specializations form a core of our customers satisfaction. You can find more information on our mobile welder specializations here

Mobile welder with 80 different welding rods and fillers

We are the mobile welder with technologically improved welding rods, wires and fillers. The welding rods, wires and fillers form the most advancing field in welding technologies of 21 century. The 7018 welding rod provides versatility. But it does not mean you have to use it all the time. This rod does not act in the best interest of the customer in many industries. Stick welding originated in late 1920 with the 7018 rod introduced well before WW II. This is about 80 years ago. We are now in a different century with very advanced alloys and coating technologies that provide superior welds. Welds with superior strength, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance increase utilization time of your project. The most expensive component in welding is labour then comes material, welding consumables and abrasives. Why would you like to save on the welding rods if  you could increase effective live of your project 2x or 3x by spending more on better quality welding consumables? What kind of welding rod or wire would you like us to use? This is when we come on board. We select the best welding consumables based on salesmen pitch. Then we test them in very demanding welding environment. Our certified welders refuse to carry many of welding consumables that failed our tests. We weld only with proven and efficient advanced welding consumables.  This is the advantage of using JW Portable Welding & Repair.

Mobile Welder with Stick (SMAW), Mig (GMAW) and Tig (GTAW)

We are a certified mobile welder with a technological flexibility suited for particular project. The technology makes us more efficient and more effective. Each welding technique has its strengths and weaknesses. A good welder can certainly extrapolate the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of each welding technique. However, such welder’s efforts reduce efficiency. And, in many cases, the welder’s efforts fail due to technological limitations. The ability to provide Stick, Mig and Tig (using old-fashioned terms) welding techniques for carbon steel, stainless and aluminum forms the foundation of our efficiency and effectiveness.

Certified welder on site

JW Portable Welding and Repairs provides welders who are TSSA and/or CWB certified. However, when the welding parameters of many projects do not meet our certifications we are ready to write new procedures. Such important factors as shape of the material, its thickness, and material type could put the project outside any welding certification. If we would consider intended welding technique along with required welding consumables  and variation of joint preparation then the matter could become really complicated. We are ready, in such case, to prepare custom made welding procedures based on our destructive testing. Our mobile welders are also willing to approach specific welding certification in order to meet the project’s demand. Your project size will have to justify such effort on our behalf. The certified welder status on the jobsite provides the suitable recognition, however, the experience and in shop training dictates the project details. We also tend to conduct in - shop destructive testing on sophisticated projects where there is no room for mistake. Our welder tests particulars of our welding machine set up along with parameters and type of welding rod. Moreover, during the testing we pay attention to to risks of warpage and cracks, to gun positioning, and for many other factors. The certified welder status not as an ultimate goal for any welder, but as an entry step to the complicated world of welding technology.

Mobile welder with torch cutting service

A quick torch cutting ability increases the efficiency on any project whether a torch cutting is a supplementary activity or stand alone service. We use torch cutting as our supplementary task in many of our projects. Many of our clients from construction industry order stand-alone torch cutting service in demolition projects. The torch cutting of multiple material thicknesses speeds up the project. Having on-site a heavy-duty oxy acetylene torch with multiple sizes of torch tips is a key on many projects. But a heavy-duty torch in hands of experienced welder is an asset. A certified welder with a torch cutting skills in multiple positions contributes to cost reduction on construction sites. Clients order a torch cutting service in their demolition projects as a stand-alone service. Our duty is to cut long and bent structural steel elements to more manageable pieces that are easier to put to the containers. Cutting a bent structural steel is dangerous due to unexpected forces acting on the steel. Only very experienced welders equipped with a very good heavy-duty torch should approach this task. Additional experience in tree cutting is beneficial. We also carry other torches on our trailers such as propane torch and plumber’s torch. Our welders use these torches for preheating welded elements. We use propane torch to preheat large elements and to dry the element from moisture. The plumber’s torch is used for the same purpose in areas where surroundings does not allow for the use of propane torch. Welders use plumber’s torch to preheat elements in mobile Tig welding in so called construction Tig setup.

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