Aluminum Fabricator

We specialize as an aluminum fabricator with our small aluminum welding shop in London in precision and custom aluminum fabrication. Our shop accepts small and large orders for precision aluminum fabrication. There is no project too small for us. We fabricate one custom aluminum fabrication piece or multiple same aluminum fabrication pieces. During the fabrication process, we utilize Tig and/or Mig techniques with 3xxx, 4xxx, or 5xxx  aluminum wires. If you are looking for an aluminum fabricator for your precision aluminum project, you are welcome to initiate our quoting process by attaching the drawings of your planned aluminum fabrication to your email. Although, we gladly respond to all quoting inquiries, we are most capable in area of precision aluminum fabrication.  If you do not have engineering drawings but you know exactly what you want than please attach you sketch of your idea to your email. And we will accomplish the rest.

We do not fabricate structural aluminum elements for construction industry

Unfortunately, our aluminum fabricator does not perform structural aluminum fabrications for construction industry due to the small size of our shop. Keeping this in mind, we welcome aluminum fabrication inquiries from Ontario customers and from aluminum fabricators in Toronto.

Precise Aluminum Fabricator uses GTAW (Tig) technique for aluminum fabrication

We use GMAW (Tig) aluminum welding in majority of our projects since most of our projects lands in precision aluminum fabrication category. So far, we have fabricated variety of clips, brackets or decorative window grills. Our aluminum fabricator's water cooled Tig guns sustain very well long welding hours at high amperage. Furthermore, as Tig technique provides more control, we use it more extensively for welding with full penetration that is most often predetermined in precision aluminum fabrication. Please note*, the full weld penetration on aluminum elements affects sometimes size of these elements. For instance, if we have to change the aluminum plates joint assembly in order to achieve a full penetration weld, the elements' dimensions could change. Therefore, when you insist on a full penetration of aluminum welding, we will call you to discuss the matter.

Aluminum fabrication with decorative welds or finished smooth

Our aluminum fabricators finish welds with smooth or decorative diamond pattern. They achieve the smooth finish with abrasives. But, they move their welding gun in special way to achieve the weld finished with a decorative diamond pattern. Please keep in mind, very thin aluminum material does not allow for a decorative diamond pattern. Aluminum’s great thermal conductivity and a lower melding point make decorative welding pattern difficult in thin material. Therefore, we prefer to move quickly with our guns on a thin plate to avoid overheating. Overheated aluminum can suddenly loose its structural integrity. We will be in touch with you if we have concerns regarding decorative diamond pattern on the thin plates.

Aluminum Fabrication made from thick aluminum elements

We comfortable fabricate aluminum fabrications from thick aluminum elements. In such cases, we will ensure complete penetration by modifying with your permission joint sizes and their shapes. The first welds will be done with GTAW (Tig) aluminum welding pass to lay a maximum penetration beat in most controllable way. Then, we will follow with Mig aluminum welding to speed up the process and make it less costly. Furthermore, the initial preheating prior GTAW (Tig) aluminum welding will take place. And we will follow with temperature monitoring with additional heating if necessary.

Aluminum fabricator with spool guns

We use a spool gun attached to a very good Mig welding machine for aluminum fabrication with Mig welding. Our aluminum fabricator uses this set up to weld rather thick aluminum elements that do not require full penetration weld. We also use this set up to increase our efficiency when we weld longer aluminum elements. However, due to our specialization, Tig aluminum welding is more in demand. As a local aluminum fabricator with the aluminum spool gun we have welded with 3xxx, 4xxx and 5xxx  series wires. However, most projects we is accomplished with 5xxx wire. The 5xxxx aluminum wire leaves one of strongest welds on many aluminum alloys therefore we we always try to apply this wire in our welding practice. Moreover, According to best practices, we also preheat large and thick pieces since aluminum welds penetrate better on preheated pieces.  

GTAW (Tig) aluminum welding on aluminum cast

We repair aluminum cast with GTAW (Tig) aluminum welding since there is no better welding technique to weld aluminum cast. Tig technique allows to control over the sinking pool which assures welder of the weld's strength. Moreover, Tig gun follows the complicated cast shape with perfection. The Tig welding is irreplaceable in places of broken aluminum cast ribbing that give the strength to the whole cast.  Furthermore, Tig welding works magically in areas of tight fit between aluminum components. The welder is usually not aware in advance of the broken cast's  aluminum alloy composition. However, the Tig welding machine setup along with puddle formulation characteristic under the Tig gun quickly provides the clues. Based on these clues, the experienced welder is able to select the proper filler rod for welding of damaged aluminum cast. Most of the aluminum cast repairs can be done on site, however, very thin cast and very thick cast are better dealt with in our shop

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