Maintenance Overhaul - Welding and Corrosion Repair Tasks

We put you back in a “driver seat” with increased control of your preventative maintenance program. Our accumulation of advanced and innovative technologies allows maintenance managers plan and perform minor repairs and major maintenance overhauls smoothly. Maintenance manager by calling us can reach advanced welding technologies, corrosion repairs and mechanical modifications service. Maintenance managers know that maintenance overhaul success depends on exercising control over many contractors for parts produced and fabrications produced. They also know that on-site welding services and corrosion repairs have to be coordinated too. Many contractors and their products or services must interact with each other during the maintenance overhaul project. Maintenance manager knows that having more contractors implies having less control over your maintenance overhaul project. Having us on board reduces the number of contractors by at least four if your minor repair or maintenance overhaul project requires:

  1. mobile welding (Stick, Mig, Tig) for different metals,
  2. custom metal fabrication in the shop,
  3. on-site corrosion repair and welding repair, and
  4. on-site or in-shop mechanical modification.
We are also very well connected among machining shops in the area therefore we can take upon projects that involve replacing custom made parts.

Maintenance overhaul and preventative maintenance

Maintenance manager use preventative maintenance program to accomplish minor repairs and to aware him/her of possible significant  problems. Preventative maintenance program also allows you to plan much in advance the maintenance overhaul project. Unfortunately, many small manufacturers are simply not aware of preventative maintenance benefits. We believe in preventative maintenance contribution to maintenance overhaul project's success. Preventative maintenance makes maintenance manager aware of potential problems it also helps us to gear up and plan our involvement in your maintenance overhaul project. The preventative maintenance reports allow us to focus on areas required immediate attention. It also allows for timely scheduling of our purchases.

Preventative Maintenance and Specialized Welding Consumables

Many preventative maintenance reports indicate potential necessity to use our advanced welding rods and wires. Some specialized welding consumables such as welding rods, wires and fillers can not be obtained from one day to another even from best suppliers. Therefore, you have to give us a suitable lead time for ordering them. Sometimes, we must wait even a few days or weeks for special orders. We also need additional day to test specialized welding consumables in order to get more comfortable with them. Many of these specialized welding consumables behave differently in comparison to traditional welding rods and some could require a different joint preparation. These specialized welding consumables could have very different recommended welding machine setups. We could be also compelled to modify our welding machines to accommodate some of these welding consumables. Moreover, the welding puddle could be visible differently. Therefore, we have to make sure that our welder is comfortable using these welding consumables. We always like to test new welding consumables to confirm their usefulness due to salesman's exaggeration. Our welder sometimes finds huge discrepancies between manufacturer’s marketing assurances and the reality. And then we must re-evaluate our approach.

Preventative Maintenance and Corrosion Repair

Getting us on board for preventative maintenance inspection allows us to plan properly our corrosion repair. This corrosion repair could involve many different epoxy metal glues applied layer by layer. Additionally, we have to use epoxy compounds that inhibit rust or deactivates corrosion. Many corrosion repairs involve horizontal, vertical and overhead multi-layer applications. Each layer of metal glue (epoxy for metal) must be custom mixed. Additionally, top layers could contain additives to make our epoxy for metal resilient to vibration or impact. Although we have basic supplies of many kinds of epoxy for metals (metal glues), we do not stock all of them in large quantities. Therefore, if your preventative maintenance reports indicate significant rust problems, you need to get us involved at least 2 months in advance prior planned maintenance overhaul that involves large corrosion repair.

Preventative Maintenance and Equipment Modifications

Preventative maintenance reports indicate also the need for equipment modification. These reports should inform maintenance manager about metal cracks and weld cracks too. These cracks appear as a result of excessive vibration or occasional impact. If you plan to involve us in equipment modification, let us know about your intention as soon as possible. We would like to see the location of metal cracks and weld cracks since the location of cracks could influence the welding technique used. We would also like to see normal operation of equipment with cracked components. Moreover, we would like to hear this equipment working and notice possible vibration. In summary, it is paramount for us to see how your equipment functions prior the planned modification. Therefore, please do not wait until complete equipment disintegration.

Preventative Maintenance – Our Maintenance Service

Our maintenance service within your preventative maintenance helps us to prepare for your maintenance overhaul project. Moreover, our maintenance service also could allow us to complete the necessary repairs or modifications without the need of shutting down your production line. We are also able to perform very complex equipment modifications over the weekend if we have enough time to plan them. Your preventative maintenance reports provide lead time to order material and replacement parts. And then to schedule necessary repairs without production interruption. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to get us involved as soon as your preventative maintenance report indicates the issue. The one source welding service, corrosion service and mechanical modification work the best if we properly plan to implement them. Please contact us for availability of our preventative maintenance service in your area.

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