Contemporary Metal Art with Acrylic Display Case

We fabricate metal art with blacksmith forging art and with acrylic display case that increases emotional impact of your statues, sculptures, and paintings, and adds protection and security as well. Moreover, we believe that your precious art needs:

  1. better exposure,
  2. excellent protection against rain and dust,
  3. enhanced protection against intentional or accidental damage, or
  4. better protection against possible theft.
We increase participation of art and beauty in our lives by creating better exposure.

Metal art and Acrylic Box or Acrylic Display Case

We build our acrylic box or acrylic display case from a very thick acrylic ranging from 3/8” to ¾” thick acrylic sheets. Then, we place our acrylic box or acrylic display case on metal art stand or display base with metal motives. The whole structure's objective it to:
  1. support and enhance viewer’s perception,
  2. provide protection against rain, and
  3. provide protection against theft and damage.
The metal parts attached to acrylic walls provide locking support mechanism for extra security. We custom fit each heavy built acrylic display case or acrylic box to your art' size. Moreover, we make sure that the additional metal art in form of a metal stand or base matches the style and the purpose of your art. Additionally, with this objective in mind, we enhance viewer's perception of our metal art stand or base by attaching blacksmith forging art pieces to them. Needless to say, we will consult you for your contributions to the artistic aspects of the whole project.

Display cases with LED lights

We also produce custom-made display cases that contain LED lights. Proper lighting enhances viewer attention to details of your art and increases your arts' emotional attraction. Our eyes automatically look for a bright light at night. For instance, even in the shadow of an aisle, we tend to look for a bright spot. And the light invites us to come closer to inspect the detail. The LED lights are highly efficient and traditionally powered.

Display case on the table

We produce display case that can be placed on the table and each display case fits exactly your beautiful art. Then we make metal art base that has very short legs and it fits exactly to acrylic display case. Preferably, we use custom forging or casting processes for all our metal art bases. We design flat heavy base depending on your cultural background, religious believe and your ultimate artistic goal. The steel metal base goes through final brass, bronze or silver coating

The metal art stand or base

We produce metal art stand and base for our acrylic boxes and display cases that match the style of our client's art. The acrylic box matches the metal stand since it has more rectangular shape. And flat acrylic display case matches its flat metal display base. Our metal art increases security and increases viewers emotional appeal. The metal art stand is a heavy metal post that fits the recommended by client’s style. The artistic metal motives are forged and welded to the post. The whole post is then metal coated or painted pending the client’s requirements The display base is a four-legged metal stand that also has artistic metal motives that are forged and welded to the base and increase stability of the four-legged structure. The display stand is metal coated or painted.

Menu holders

We produce also menu holders on metal art stands. Using our menu holders, the restaurants can display prominently their menus to the public in our holders placed outside their restaurants. These menu holders can be placed in the significant distance from the restaurant and catch attention of coming traffic of by-walkers. The acrylic display case of menu holder accommodates your menu size and prominently displays your famous dishes. Such stands can be placed on heavy bases or could be placed on posts permanently grounded.

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