Steel Door's Security Bar

Our door security bar on steel door or on metal door is a simple device that increases security of your business and makes theft of merchandise difficult. As burglar’s theft is on the rise in Ontario, the businesses are losing their merchandise stored in warehouses. Therefor, we have come up with a device that makes your steel door located at the back of your business secured.

Steel door and how burglars get in

The popular steel door at your warehouse or at the back of your business facility is a hollow metal door. That means that it has an empty space inside and the actual layer of metal surrounding the hollow space is very thin. This hollow space is filled in with wood on the edges of a hollow metal door and the volume of wood filler depends on the manufacturer. The steel layer is so thin that welders have difficulties to weld anything to the steel door. Simply put, risk of making holes and igniting the wood that manufacturers put it there is very real. The standard burglar approach is to drill the lock out of the steel door. Or use a pry bar put in the wide gap between the door and a door jamb and then pry open the door. The burglars prefer the most comfortable and faster approach with the solid and slightly modified pry bar. Using it, they can open your steel door within the minute. Surely, with 5 feet or 7 feet pry bar you can make lots of damage. The pry bar force bends the thin metal and breaks the wood behind the metal. Shortly, the burglars are in looking for your merchandise or cash. As described above, the burglars explore the weakest spot of the steel door to get in. If they would try to use a hammer or any other tool to smash the door it would take them a day to get in. The structure of a hollow door is solid and resists very well an impact on the face of the door.

Door security bar - benefits

The door security bar builds on strengths of metal doors or steel doors. It  eliminates weakness of hollow metal doors, disallowing to open the door even if:
  1. the lock has been drilled out or
  2. the pry bar has already bent the hollow metal door in such a way that the door should open.
The steel door security bar builds on strong structure of the hollow metal door and disallows to open the doors that are ready to be open. Our door security bar locks on the door jamb from inside and does not allow to open the door. The mounting of the steel door’s security bar does not involve any welding on the hollow metal door since the mounting involves screws going through the door. The steel door security bar main acting component is a steel bar that locks on the door jamb and acts against the pry bar’s opening force.

Daily operation of our door security bar

Your employee puts in steel door’s security bar by putting the security bar structure to the mounted slots. That is, it. It takes 30 seconds to engage the steel door security bar and makes your business more secure. In the morning you can remove it or keep it on the door until you want to open the steel door from inside. Please note, you can not open the steel door from inside if you have our security bar engaged therefore, we do not advice to mount the steel door’s security bar on the designated fire exit’s steel door.

Different models of our steel door security bar

We provide different models of our customized steel door’s security bar
  1. Single bar model for single door
  2. Double bars model for single door
  3. Single bar model for double door
  4. Double bar model for double door
All models are made in two versions: visible mounting bolts’ heads version and invisible mounting bolt’s heads version. Both versions require minor welding on mounting bolts’ heads to disallow cutting off the bolts’ heads. The most secure version is an invisible mounting bolt’s heads since burglars are not able to recognize where the mounting bolts are located. The choice is yours pending the model of your door and additional reinforcement of your steel door.

The initial installation of steel door’s security bar

We deliver steel door’s security bar to you with the hardware to install it. You can install it yourself, use a handyman to install it for you, or we can install it when we deliver of all parts to you. The installation of itself does not take longer than 2 hour.

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