Mildew and botrytis on plants, product, walls, ceilings

JWD UV lights technology provides cost effective solutions to defeat mildew and botrytis on plants, walls and ceiling of greenhouse or indoor growup. Additionally, the treatment induces growing more marijuana buds or simply weed buds and their resin production. We offer stand alone multipurpose and multi-functional JWD UV Lights  pushcart that allow you

  1. to independently deal with pockets of mildew and botrytis on plants,
  2. disinfect product, as well as
  3. disinfect the whole inside of a greenhouse or indoor operation
These UV lights are high power traditional lights and they are on only during the application time.

JWD UV lights pushcart's models

We produce two models of JWD UV lights pushcart: JWD cannabi model and JWD organic farmer model. Moreover, we produce all attachments to each model and each model can be customized to fit your particular setup. Our JWD UV lights pushcart provides cost efficient and practical technological solutions and:
  1. does not interact with your expensive equipment,
  2. is easy to use,
  3. accommodates to height of the plant,
  4. is suitable for large growers and home growups,
  5. eliminates the mildew and botrytis on
    • plant,
    • walls, and
    • ceiling,
  6. fights powdery mildew, other fungus and bacteria on product, and
  7. does not involve sophisticated maintenance.
JWD UV lights technology defeats mildew and botrytis in traditional horticulture setups and cannabi setups

JWD cannabi pushcart for mildew and botrytis for cannabi industry

The cannabi industry has quickly developed very sophisticated equipment supplied by manufactures at extra premium prices. The cananabi production setup is scientifically supported and is maximizing efficient arrangement. The JWD cannabi pushcart answers the weed industry need to eliminate mildew and botrytis infections in greenhouse and indoor operation setups. And increase resin production. This JWD UV lights pushcart delivers UV lights (UVC light to be exact) to the plant at distance established by you since our pushcart accommodates to the height of the plants.

Greenhouse setup

In the cannabis greenhouse setup, the sunlight stimulates plants' resin production with weather influencing the volume of resin. In traditional  cannabi greenhouse setup, our JWD cannabi pushcart with UV lights eliminates mildew or botrytis. And significantly increases resin production in cloudy days.

Indoor setup

In indoor setup, low power LED lights are on every day and every night. And they cost the investment fortune. These low power LED lights induce the resin stimulation. They are not there to fight mildew. If such indoor setup is ever infected with mildew or botrytis, affecting plants, walls and ceilings than they will account losses over many years. In indoor setup, our JWD cannabi pushcart with UV lights delivers additional high dose of UVC spectrum light to your plants. Although, you will not see as significant as in greenhouse setup increase of resin production, the increase will still put smile on your face. The diminishing returns law applies here. Moreover, in lower prices environment our JWD cannabi pushcart will make a positive difference for your bottom line. Your indoor setup is especially prone to mildew, botrytis and other pathogen infections. And here our JWD utility pushcart will excel defeating them on plants, walls and ceilings. Our JWD technology also has the ability to disinfect the whole indoor setup between production cycles.

The JWD cannabi pushcart for disinfection of walls and ceilings

The JWD cannabi pushcart eliminates powdery mildew and botrytis on walls and ceilings of greenhouses and indoor facilities. Our multi-functional JWD pushcart allows to place high power UV lights (uvc lamps) close to ceilings and walls of greenhouses and indoor facilities to fight powdery mildew, botrytis, bacteria and other microorganisms hibernating there. The disinfection of walls and ceilings is sometimes neglected due to difficulties implementing such activity. These fumigation difficulties range from
  1. lack of access,
  2. excessive cost,
  3. lack of equipment,
  4. non-efficient methods presently used, and
  5. dangerous to workers application techniques.
Our JWD cannabi pushcart eliminates these difficulties through the multi-functional design and use of cost efficient UVC bulbs.

The JWD cannabi utility pushcart for mildew and botrytis on cannabis product

Certain models of JWD cannabi pushcart allow for fight of mildew, botrytis, other fungus, and bacteria on cannabis product. Instead of paying for disinfection of your product mildewed with fungus, you can kill the fungus yourself using our multi-functional JWD cannabi pushcart. The attachment and the movement of the JWD cannabi pushcart will allow to cover the designated area. And the innovative technology of our uvc lamps will do the rest.

The multi-functional JWD pushcart for organic farming

The JWD pushcart - the organic farmer model – provides same benefits to organic farming industry as to cannabi industry. In organic farming, growing tomatoes, growing peppers or cucumbers organically is difficult. You must follow strict regulations regarding chemical use when fighting powdery mildew and botrytis. The regulations enforce what you can use even if the process is costly and inefficient. Our  JWD pushcart – organic farmer model – is heavier built than all cannabi models, and is much taller and wider. And it does not really remind you of a cart at all. The JWD organic farmer pushcart
  1. carries UVC lights that are approved for organic farming,
  2. accommodates to height of your plants,
  3. disinfects walls and ceilings of greenhouse,
  4. can be adopted for spraying if necessary,
  5. fights powdery mildew and botrytis on seedlings.
Our multi-functional JWD organic farmer pushcart used in horticulture is much bigger in comparison to same equipment for cannabi industry and can be built from powder coated mild steel or aluminum.

Comparison of conveyor application to JWD pushcart application

The JWD organic farmer pushcart eliminates expensive, non-flexible, and impractical conveyor application utilizing expensive European UVC lights. The impractical conveyor system is not only extremely expensive but also applies same dose of UVC light to the plants disregarding their height. The non-flexible conveyor system can not adopt to the height of the plants. And can not fight white fungus on walls and ceilings.  Whereas JWD organic farmer pushcart has ability to adjust the height of application and adopt to the plant height. Moreover, it can also fight pathogen on walls and ceilings. JWD UV lights pushcart offers much lower maintenance cost. As the UVC bulb looses its power over time, it must be replaced. The replacement of UVC bulbs on the conveyor system will put another dent in your packet due to their price and their quantity. Whereas JWD pushcart offers low price bulbs and the quantity is 3 times smaller. Therefore in our case, replacement of bulbs is simply a maintenance cost instead of major expense. The ability to conveniently change UVC bulbs allows the JWD UV light pushcart disinfect walls and ceilings since most it uses most powerful bulbs for this application. We customize your JWD organic farmer pushcart to dimensions that will fit your greenhouse set up with weight distribution that allows for safe and comfortable use.

Quick and safe application of high power lights

The high power lights attached to our JWD UV lights pushcart allow for delivery of high power UVC energy to the surface. This is relatively old technology that our JWD utility pushcart utilizes for cannabi and horticultural industries. We do not use in any of our models of  JWD pushcart the low powered LED lights that must be on all the time. Our lights are in use for a seconds per plant as worker pushes the JWD utility pushcart through the aisle. In order to calculate the average time usage for our JWD pushcart with high power lights per each greenhouse, please calculate the normal walking time through all aisles in your greenhouse. Each greenhouse or indoor growup should have different JWD UV lights pushcart due to precautionary approach. Following this rule, you will avoid spreading disease through same equipment use in multiple locations.

UVC bulbs supply

We supply UVC bulbs for our UV lights that fit our equipment and are specific to the designated purpose. Moreover, we recommend changing UVC bulbs prior changing use from application on live plants to disinfection of walls and ceilings or to disinfection of cannabi product.

Do you want to try our high power UVC lights on your plant?

We can offer you a handheld UVC light model if you are willing to try our technlogy. The handheld model is  comfortable to use for application on one plant at the time. And it will allow you to judge the effectiveness of this technology without spending more serious dollars on our JWD UV lights pushcart.

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