Jack Post, Telepost, Adjustable Steel Basement Support, Custom Sizes

We manufacture and deliver custom sizes of jack post, telepost, adjustable basement supports in variety of sizes to fit your construction needs. The engineered drawing supports each custom size of our jack post or telepost.  Most of our production involves custom made sizes and therefore we do not stock them. However, some sizes repeat themselves more often and then we stock certain most popular sizes of jack posts. These popular sizes  are usually supplied to construction industry. However, you have to custom order jack post for mining, ship building, agriculture and energy industries.

Customization of Jack Post or Telepost

The customization of Jack Post or Telepost involves steel thickness and sizes of all unit’s components:
  1. hollow structural tube square,
  2. jack post's bottom bearing plate,
  3. its top bearing plate,
  4. thickness and thread of screw,
  5. height adjustment, and
  6. top plate.
The adjustable jack post is an engineered product and can not be modified without professional engineer approval. It is a common practice to get professional engineer involved for custom made adjustable jack post.

Engineer approved drawing for your custom jack post or telepost

We require a professional engineer drawing to quote your custom jack post. The easiest way to quote your custom order is when you include engineered drawing. Such drawing will specify materials used, welds sizes and so on. In such case we do not have to know the engineering services source. If you do not have an approved by professional engineer drawings for your custom jack post or telepost than we can provide it for you after you approve our quote. In meantime, please let us know the basic info such as:
  1. load capacity,
  2. overall height, and
  3. height adjustment required
and we will check if we have in our portfolio such drawings. In case, when we do not have the drawing for your custom jack post or telepost in our portfolio than we will have to generate such drawing prior quoting.

We definitely need engineered drawing for each custom jack post

We need engineered drawing for each custom jack post and we can not provide estimate by extrapolation. Prior quote, we need to know:
  1. all jack post's components sizes, and
  2. all weld sizes
Then we can properly estimate cost for you.

Sizes of welds for your customized Jack Posts and Teleposts.

Sizes of welds for each heavy built and custom-made Jack Post or telepost are specified by professional engineer. The larger size of weld contributes to increase of our labour cost and increase of our consumables’ cost.

Cost of engineered drawings for small quantity order

For small quantities, we usually split the cost of new drawings for custom jack post or telepost 50/50 with our clients prior our official quote.

Cost of engineered drawings for large quantity order

For large quantities, we add cost of engineered drawing to our quote. Once you approve our quote then you will receive all our documentation for your custom jack post.

First drawing then quote

Considering material constrains, screw constraints and specifics of weld size we are not able to provide a quote for your customized Jack Posts or Teleposts without approved drawing. Therefore, we have to get the drawing first prior quoting.

Timing constrains for large loads, custom Jack Posts.

The common and most popular jack posts and teleposts do not require any lead time for ordering. We produce them and deliver them to you on first come, first serve bases. However, with custom sizes of jack post and telepost the matter becomes more complicated. With loads of 50,000 L.B or higher the (HSTS) square tubing size becomes rarer, less available and more costly. Moreover, the cost of this rare tubing can not be extrapolated prior quoting since scarcity of the supply will dictate the price. Steel mills produce rare sizes of square tubing irregularly and they do require minimum order purchases. If your order does not meet the minimum order required by the steel mill for specific square tube than you will have to pay a premium price. Additionally, the situation is complicated by the fact that production of only specific steel mills is approved to produce teleposts and jack posts. Considering the supply scarcity for many large sizes of square tubing we recommend providing us with a long lead time to reduce the price paid. We need simply more time to make a deal for you.

Timing constrains for jack post's screw

The supply of jack post's screw for your heavy custom made telepost faces most challenges. The professional engineer specifies screw size and sometimes its thread. Many of these large size screws are not easily available especially for jack post or telepost caring more than 70,000 L.B. For some sizes of your jack post, the only solution to meet the professional engineer’s requirements is to custom machine the screw. Considering the supply scarcity of the large size screws and possibility of custom machining, we recommend providing us with a long lead time in order to reduce the price.

Delivery of your order

We deliver your custom jack post or telepost to you if you are in Ontario as long as your order meets our minimum delivery requirements. If you are in Southern Ontario, we will combine your order with other orders for cost reduction. If you are in Northern Ontario, your delivery will be custom made to you.

Payment for your customized order.

The customization process increases our risks in case the order is cancelled therefore we will require 50% - 70% deposit when placing your order for the customized Jack Posts and Teleposts. The remaining amount becomes payable at the delivery. We accept certified cheques, e-transfers and wire transfers for your convenience.

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