Display stand for statues of Jesus, Mary, St Joseph, St Michael

We produce and distribute display stands with acrylic box for Jesus statue, Mother Mary statue, St. Joseph statue, St. Michael statue and all religious statues.  Our display stands with religious statues inside the acrylic box engage bystanders at significant distance from your church. Or when they are placed strategically on church’s property. Our heavy built acrylic box protects all religious statues against rain and dust. Therefore you can put them outside of the church for parishioners and bystander’s contemplation, prayer or appreciation. Many of Catholic saint statuses come from places of worship from all around the world and they can not be replaced easily therefore our display stands have certain security designs hidden inside the structures that make theft difficult. The locking device is optional and can be implemented on your request. Our display stands encourage contemplation of bystander’s when strategically positioned even from the significant distance from a church.

Strategic position of our display stands for statues of Jesus, Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Michael in natural landscaping

The heavy-walled acrylic box provides modern, non-obstructed view of religious statues of Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Michael. The slightly blurry background is coming from more distant surrounding landscape and the closely located landscape contributes to the overall impression.  Therefore the location of the display stand in natural landscaping is crucial for the overall effect. We must consider effects of:
  1. trees,
  2. bushes,
  3. eye level of viewer, and
  4. sunlight direction
on our stand presentation and on the statue presentation.

The statues height

For outside display, the display stand’s height accommodates to surrounding landscape, statue height and eye level of the viewer. The statues height dictates to certain degree the acrylic box height. And then influences on the size and position of the leaves located on the stand. We are aware of these statues in different sizes and it will be almost impossible for us to make acrylic boxes in different sizes for every statue. Therefore smaller statue can be placed inside the acrylic box on custom made stands that adjust the height of the statue to the height of the acrylic box. The height of the stand must be adjusted to the eye level of the viewer for better perception. If the viewer will observe the statue while sitting on a bench, then the display stand must be shorter to accommodate eye level of the viewer. Additionally, we recommend positioning the display stand in such a way that edges of the acrylic box do not interfere with the statue’s presentation. But rather enhance the overall perception. The flat wall presentation seams to be the most appropriate. The installation of the display stand in the natural environment is similar for standard post installation.

Sunlight impact for better perception

The sunlight plays the major role for our perception. We recommend placing the acrylic boxes with statues between the viewer and the incoming sunlight or any other angular position. We do not recommend placing the acrylic boxes in such a way that the viewer has a sunlight at the back.

The roof on top of the acrylic box of our display stand

We make the roof on top of the acrylic box from a 1/8” thick metal. The roof is a fully welded metal structure that protects the statues from snow and rain. Moreover, we use the metal attachment device of metal roof to acrylic box for increase security. Additionally, for increased security, we can place locking device hidden under the roof. All metal parts of our display stand are epoxy rust protected and painted. We can also powder coat the roof, but this technology could limit the colour choice.  You can choose colours of all metal parts pending your desired effect.

Placing display stands with saint statues inside your church

You can also place our display stands inside church on the hard floor since our display stands can have a very heavy bases that acts against tipping of the whole stand’s structure. The weight of a display stand’s base depends on the weight of the statue as well as the style chosen. We can provide heavy walled bases with forged custom motives in order to accommodate them to your church style. These heavy bases can later be metal coated according to your chosen colour that fits your church

Display stands with LED light

Driving at night close to light spots on our road encourage reflection regarding our live therefore our display stands for outdoor display can accommodate LED lights inside the acrylic box. These acrylic boxes will be slightly bigger to provide the spot for small LED lights. The LED lights can accommodate traditional power source or can accommodate sunlight as a power source.

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