Window aluminum grill fabrication

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports window manufacturers with a custom aluminum grill fabrication in the production of their premium windows. We also support other manufacturers with their short production run projects enhancing their production capabilities. The short production fabrication is our specialty.

The aluminum window grill presented in the slide is used by the window manufacturers as a grill inside w the glass window panels. It certainly adds to the cost of a window production but it enhances the look of the premium windows. The main benefits of aluminum used for window grill is lack of rust that develops after a few years on the milled steel window grill. Aluminum grill still can be painted according to manufacturer or customer desires. The clean look of the aluminum window grill without the rust even after few years justifies the additional cost. These aluminum window grills provide additional differentiation technique to the marketing efforts of a premium quality window manufacturer.

This specific project presented challenges surrounding the welding and bending of the aluminum. The welding challenges were focused on eliminating heat during the TIG welding on this delicate material. The bending challenges surrounded the actual bending of the flat bar going against its natural bend. Fortunately, the implementation of our bending jig that is custom fabricated for this project allowed us to achieve the desired curve. Custom bents like this require precision and experience.

This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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