Gas Burner Repair

Our gas burner repair service consists of cleaning the industrial burners or commercial burners, welding cracks and performing minor modifications that should prolong the life of your old gas commercial burners or industrial burners. The gas commercial burner in the pictures above serve as an example of our burner repair service. Certainly, our repair solutions for your burner could be substantially different from the solutions displayed in our example. Please keep in mind that commercial burner repairs pertaining to different types of gas burners, oven burners, propane burners and natural gas burners face many technological challenges:

  • material disintegration
  • heavy deformation
  • heavy rust, damaged orifice
  • multiple cracks limit the extent of possible repairs

During the repair process, we gather information regarding the quality of the burner material and we also evaluate potential reasons for a burners’ shortened lifespan. For example, in many instances we found that stainless steel burners consist of mild steel and stainless steel components. Therefore, the burner faces additional stress due to differences in thermal expansion.


The repair process findings help us to provide a more suitable and long-term solution to extensive costs associated with the shortening of a burners lifespan. Nevertheless, commercial burner or industrial burner repairs should be treated as a temporary solution until a more permanent maintenance solution can be found. This can include installation of a new and better built gas burner (if such exist), installation of a custom commercial burner or custom industrial burner. Please take a look at our modified burner for more information.


For constructive consultations in the area of the commercial burner or industrial burner repair, certain measurements should be taken along with multiple pictures before we can provide a quote for your gas burner repair. We require payment in advance for any burner repair service.


Don’t waste money. Save money by only getting the part that you need; a better, stronger burner.

Keep the expensive equipment that you’ve already paid for running.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552