Gas Oven Burner – Modification

The pictures above show the assembly of an old gas burner including the gas burner itself. Other pictures show the areas of the oven burner assembly where we focus our attention during our evaluation process. These areas include ignition point, gas inlet side and the outboard side. The newly modified oven burner in the picture exceeds the efficiency of the old burner by 25% and fits into the clients’ old equipment. JW Portable Welding & Repairs worked hard to protect the clients’ equipment by placing this newly modified oven burner exactly in the old burner’s position under the existing heat shields. By doing so, we successfully protected the clients’ equipment against possible damages due to the heat generated from the newly modified burner. As you have noticed, certain details of the newly modified oven burner, especially the area of gas inlet, ignition point, and thermal expansion, are missing from our presentation in order to protect our technological innovation.


This Modified Gas Oven Burner provides a more permanent solution to your extensive burner replacement cost in the event that you cannot find a suitable replacement for your burner or the new oven burner has the same short life maintenance characteristic as the old one. Our modified oven burner forms a solution to many clients’ dilemmas between buying the new equipment with burners in production and keeping the old yet still functioning pizza ovens with burners in the disintegration stage. In many cases, buying a new pizza oven with burners still in production does not reduce the oven burners replacement cost and leads to problems related to disintegrated oven burners and old pizza ovens in the future.


Our Modified Gas Oven Burner is technologically superior to your old gas oven burner due to the following reasons:

1      Our newly modified oven burner has longer maintenance life in comparison to your old oven burner since it is a product of improved manufacturers engineering, improved gas oven burner assembly techniques, and improved material selection. Simply put, oven burners technology has significantly improved in recent years.

2      Your new oven burner is a product of our extensive market research among burner manufacturers. A potential candidate for your oven burners modification is subject to an in-depth examination that exposes its shortcomings. Our innovation leads to the elimination of your new oven burners flaws, such as thermal expansion problems leading to cracks and deformations.

Our Burner Repair Service Burner Modification has the following distinct stages:

    1      Feasibility Study – This study begins with the evaluation of your old oven burner. We take many pictures, measure and inspect your old burner and the old burner assembly.  We gather all necessary technical information, then we search the market for a new burner that is suitable for modification and is built from more resistant materials. Certainly, the new oven burner has to have the same or very similar burning parameters. Once we find an oven burner that fits our needs, we import it and present it to you for your approval. A feasibility study is paid in advance and usually costs approximately the same as one modified burner.

    2      Building Prototype – A prototype is built of your modified gas burner, with particular attention to burning parameters and attention to techniques, extending the life of the burner. Building prototype stage is payable in advance.

    3      Testing Prototype – The client tests and evaluates the modified oven burner for the average lifespan of the old oven burner. In this stage, we correct and improve the prototype of your modified oven burner based on your recommendation and our experience. Testing prototype stage is payable after changes are made.

    4      Production – We produce your modified oven burners based on the final prototype from the testing stage. Each production batch is payable in advance.


Your newly modified oven burner will meet or exceed the old oven burners technological parameters, will fit to your old pizza oven and stay within your pizza ovens heat shields. Additionally, your newly modified oven burner will reduce your gas burners replacement cost as well as eliminate the cost of buying new pizza ovens instead of replacing only the damaged or outdated oven burners.


Don’t waste money. Save money by only getting the part that you need; a better, stronger part. Keep the expensive equipment that you’ve already paid for running.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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