French Drain Cover. Custom Drain Cover

Damaged drainage grades can pose a significant tripping hazard in any manufacturing and/or warehouse environment. In addition, damaged drain grades of french drains positioned on the path of a forklift create a hazard to the forklift operator, surrounding employees, the forklift itself, and its load.

The pictures presented above show an example of our custom made cover that fits to standard french drains. Our drain cover provides a convenient and inexpensive solution to the damaged drain grade problem in the industrial or warehousing environment. The custom made cover sustains forklift weight and provides a solid support for any forklift maneuvers performed on top of it. Installation of our custom cover is simple and can be reinforced depending on the customers’ requirements. The top plate can also be modified further in order to increase the water flow into the drain.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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