Aluminum Handrail Fabrication.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports property managers with our welding and repair services.

The pictures presented above are of an aluminum handrail repair. The aluminum handrail was missing the top prong due to vandalism, which caused the handrail to become a safety hazard for pedestrians using the stairs.

We decided the appropriate welding technique to use in this repair would be aluminum T.I.G. welding. The necessary concentration of the shielded gas on the welding area in the T.I.G. welding process usually prohibits it to be performed in open air. Some welders use a welding tent to protect the argon gas from being disturbed by air movement, however, in our example we decided to take the broken handrail to our shop where we could repair it indoors. Once the repair was done, we re-installed the handrail in its place.

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