Roof access ladder with security door

The security doors on a roof access ladder prohibit access of unauthorized people to the roof. Once on the roof burglars can use variety of devices to cut the roof open, then access the stores beneath of them, robbing owners from valuables and escaping through the same roof opening. The security door mounted properly on the ladder makes burglar’s life more difficult. With so many ladders without any security device, one would wonder that burglars have open hunting ground.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs fabricates and installs security doors on roof access ladders in Southern Ontario with following customization


  1. Length and width of the security door plate
  2. Height and shape of horizontal barrier
  3. Type of latching mechanism with models that make cutting padlocks extremely difficult
  4. Type of industrial grade hinges
  5. Sharp edges addition on the bottom ring of the ladder as well as on the horizontal barrier

Once you install our security ladder on your roof access ladder, you will enforce control over who is on your roof. Owners love us and burglars hate us for our security innovations that also include a door security bar and a door jamb protector on commercial steel, metal, doors.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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Door Security Bar on Commercial Steel Metal Doors Secure these Doors

Our fabricated door security bar installed on commercial steel doors, hollow metal doors, steel doors or any reinforced security doors secure these doors from force-able entry from outside. The door security bar prohibits the burglars from entering into your warehouses, back door storage, stores and malls by not allowing the commercial steel doors, hollow metal doors, metal doors and other security doors to be open even if the door’s lock is open and even if the burglars use a 5 foot pry bar to pry these doors open.

The doors with attached and engaged door security bar are simply not accessible to burglars and also to your employees, therefore your employees have to enter the building through any other doors. If you want to open the door with our door security bar installed and engaged, you must disengage the door security bar from inside and then open the door. The door security bar can be easily disengaged on a single security door by one person, however on a double commercial steel door or double hollow metal doors the disengagement should be undertaken by two employees.

Our door security bar forms a valuable security solution for making any security door, commercial steel door, hollow metal door, any steel door or metal door more secure after your employees leave the building therefore we recommend it for use to secure back entry doors in warehouses, stores and malls. We fabricate the door security bar in two sizes, single door security bar and double door security bar, with some customization if necessary. The double door security bar enhances security on your shipping doors so often found in retail stores.

The initial installation of our door security bar requires a handyman equipped with drill, drill bits, wrenches and a tape measure. Please note* we do not recommend installation of our door security bar on fire exit doors.

Door Security Bar on any Security Doors, Commercial Steel, Metal, Doors secure these doors against force-able entry from outside


  1. Enhances security for in areas you are already protecting with commercial steel door, metal door, hollow metal door and any steel door.
  2. Makes the door permanently shut when it is installed properly and engaged even if the lock is open and the burglars use 5-foot pry bar.
  3. It is easily engaged and disengaged on single door with models available for two doors entry.
  4. The steel construction allows to sustain significant prying force.
  5. Relatively simple design makes this door security bar very effective and reliable.

We fabricate our door security bar in London, Ontario but we provide the shipment of our door security bar in Ontario, Canada wide, and to U.S. We ship the door security bar to Florida, California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. We also provide the installation service of our door security bar in Southern Ontario.

Owners love us, burglars hate us for our other security solutions such as security door on access ladder and door jamb protector security.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552