Metal Door Repair in the Retail Mall

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports property managers with our welding and repair services.

Property managers are well aware that closing a heavy steel door is difficult. Not only are heavy steel doors that are not levelled impossible to open and close, they also form a hazard of hurting someone. Injuries of this kind could lead to many lawsuits. These injuries are completely avoidable if the proper levelling is done.

Improperly levelled steel doors are usually the result of broken or bent door hinges. In many cases, the original design of the door does not account for a significant doors weight, wind force, or even a heavy snow fall for example. We replace your damaged hinges with our heavy duty hinges. We remove the old hinges by cutting, then we level your steel door and weld the new heavy duty hinge to your door.

Our technological advantage allows us to weld inside and outside of retail malls while remaining relatively close to the general public. We use a S.M.A.W. (stick technique) as well as our smog vacuum to eliminate the characteristic welding smell. Our stainless steel  TIG and carbon steel TIG techniques do not leave any unpleasant odours. Repairs can take place in the early morning or evening to avoid any walking traffic.

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This service is offered across South Western Ontario.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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