Door Hinges Welding / Repair

In the gallery above, you can see how the weight of a steel door combined with the extended hinge mount and relatively thin hinge material caused the hinges to break. These doors pictured above were so heavy that even 2 men had a difficult time lifting them. The necessary repair was scheduled due to the risk of crushing maintenance crew.

Our repairs include welding the broken hinges, straightening the bent hinges, and welding the supporting plate to every hinge. The original thickness of the hinge was approximately 1/4” and our backing/supporting plate was about 3/8”, therefore, we increased the thickness of these hinges  2.5x .


We perform similar repairs on much lighter sheet metal doors in warehouses, industrial and school settings where we use TIG welding due to the thin hinge’s material.

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This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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