JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers mobile welding and in shop all metal custom fabrication, metal glue services and metal epoxy services, and corrosion services that include rust repair services for industrial and commercial clients as well as for construction industry in most challenging and technologically advanced projects. We are one source solution to your complex projects where mobile welding, metal fabrication, epoxy service and corrosion service support each other for your benefit.


Mobile welding services in Southern Ontario

We offer technological flexibility of aluminum welding, stainless steel welding and traditional steel welding, use of advanced, and up to date, welding rods/abrasives and equipment modifications focused on portability, mobility, efficiency and precision.


Custom metal fabrication from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Our small welding shop offers custom metal fabrication service in mild steel fabrication, stainless steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication. We specialize in precision custom fabrication (1 mm – 2 mm) of variety of components related to machinery protection, modification, and rebuilt as well as precision fabrication that has to be taken very frequently apart and then put back together or if the fabrication element will provide a function supported by its movement. Our custom fabrication shop provides precision custom fabrication services to machinery builders, construction managers, maintenance managers and facility managers in Southern Ontario.


Metal Glue Service

We handle 24 different kinds of metal glue and metal epoxy with additional additives multiplying our custom mixed epoxy resin services. Our epoxy service supports well our mobile welding services in cases we cannot perform welding due to variety of reasons, whether they are budgetary, technological, or timing constrains. Metal glue service eliminates leaks or water, oil or chemical in variety of industries from agricultural industry, kitchens and restaurants, to construction industry. It also seals very effectively cracks in plastic tanks, variety of utility tanks as well as gas tanks on large equipment.


Rust repair for industrial and commercial clients as well as in construction industry.

The rust repair in industrial settings involves our second-generation rust converter and then and then welding using rods resistant to corrosion or metal glue or metal epoxy layer or layers that will also protect the element from corrosion. In case of rust repair using epoxy glue service, we can enhance the epoxy glue to provide not only more resistance to the corrosive environment but also enhance impact and/or abrasion resistance. When your corrosive environment causes significant concerns then call us to resolve your problem. Please note* we do not provide rust repair services to cars, in order to repair rust on your car please call your car mechanic.

In order to develop a deeper understanding of our technological capabilities please take a look at our specialization and then visit our special projects pages.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs have performed welding in construction, utilities, hotels, restaurants and laundries, car mechanic shops, heavy equipment repairs, warehouse and retail equipment repairs, and cast welding. The epoxy services and corrosion services have led us to facilities during their construction and then during their maintenance shutdowns, aluminum and steel cast repairs, heat exchangers repairs, container repairs, cracked engine block repairs, and heavy equipment repairs.


Welding Services and other services in industry sectors

Welding services in Construction Sector

Welding in construction sector lays within capabilities of any certified welder providing mobile welding services. However even in this low welding technology field of SMAW welding certain projects stand up:

  1. Heavy plate welding on high elevation using self propelled and portable small machine that was lifted by a crane. The machine follows welder like a vacuum cleaner follows the cleaning lady
  2. Steel railing repairs with bottom sections of posts replacement for cost saving
  3. Aluminum railing repairs on bridge and on the walkways along the river – SMAW aluminum welding with tested and selected aluminum welding rods
  4. Joist reinforcement for HVAC Installation
  5. High rise mobile welding in Toronto Ontario: elevator frame welding, handrail and platform modifications and in construction of high – rise condominium building

Welding services in Utility Sector

Welding in utility sector gave us opportunity to shine in welding using SMAW welding with stainless steel rods and very high quality high tensile rods.

  1. Welding stainless steel for well drillers involved in water well drilling – Stick welding using stainless steel rods on stainless steel casings. The welding procedure involved precise preheat, stainless welding/pipe welding within the grove without the root and heavy vertical welding of lifting lugs.
  2. Welding cracked lightning arresters in transformer station – extensive torch pre-heat to shape the bulging arrester and to close the rapture gap, then shape the “fish plate” to the shape of the bulge, then SMAW welding using high tensile rods. The last task involved drilling the two drain holes in each lighting arrester.
Welding services in Hotels, Restaurants, and Laundries Sector

Welding in this sector involves most often our portable welding machines that we connect to the client’s power source and it involves in most cases Tig welding stainless steel, SMAW welding stainless steel, or GMAW welding stainless steel. Occasionally, especially in laundries we are involved in commercial washing machines repairs where we perform traditional crack repairs with a small “fish plate”. Also, in many restaurants we utilize our SMAW welding skills to weld imperfections on stove griddle pan.

  1. Here is a example of welding cracks on commercial washing machine using traditional stick steel welding
  2. Tig welding stainless steel performed on stainless sink, sink’s partitions to be exact – to eliminate water flowing between partitions. Presently we are committed to Mig welding stainless steel when performing this task.
  3. Stainless steel shelf modification and mantel Tig welding stainless steel. This is very popular service since kitchen fixtures are poorly fabricated and under heavy loads the stainless steel shelf disengage and become loose.
  4. We are also involved in installation of new exhaust systems, but our role is limited to minor modifications that arise during installations and Tig welding stainless steel for exhaust stabilization
  5. In many occasions, we repair large stainless steel posts for dough mixtures and stainless steel kitchen tables. Repairs of stainless steel kitchen tables is probably the most common task that we perform in the kitchens.
Welding services in (Malls) Retail Sector

The retail sector has become suddenly a very important market for our custom fabrications of security devices such as commercial steel door jamb protector, security door on roof access ladder and most importantly door security bar mounted on commercial steel metal doors. We also replace metal door hinges and weld them to metal door’s jamb as well as we weld heavy hinges on commercial heavy gates. Occasionally, we have been involved in removal of heavy steel structural elements in order to place in the empty spot the commercial overhead door.

  1. Door Security Bar on Commercial Steel Metal Doors Secure these doors – The designed and fabricated by JW Portable Welding & Repairs door security bar, placed on commercial steel metal doors which sometimes people call hollow metal doors, does not allow opening these doors even if you have a 5 foot pry bar and the lock is already open. If you sell expensive products out of your store or you have been hit already by robbers, you have high security concerns and you prefer to relay on your own actions instead of security camera pictures that expose your robbers sometimes but does not return the stolen good, then you should consider our door security bar along our other security solutions such as a security door on roof access ladder and commercial steel door jamb protector.
  2. Heavy hinges replacement or repair is always an option when facing a sagging heavy doors or gates. The replacement of your door’s heavy hinges with an upgraded quality hinges on a commercial steel metal doors or hollow metal doors, eliminates sagginess of these doors, causes doors open smoothly and makes your doors much more resistant to wind forces smashing them when they are opened. The situation with heavy gates is completely different. These gates sometimes are so heavy that even 3 strong men can not lift them and in such situation we recommend to “beef it up” approach to the hinges, if this does not work, custom fabricate the hinges with quality materials and adding a supporting wheel on the gates.
  3. Welding in a movie theater is always challenging due to extensive fire hazards and welding smell residues. The welding smog vacuum should always be utilized when performing any welding in movie theaters.
  4. Removing heavy elements from the steel structures is our specialty, especially if the use of crane is impossible. We are very skilled riggers and we will manage this job efficiently.
Welding services at Car Mechanic’s Shop Sector – cracked engine block

JW Portable Welding & repairs welds casts of cracked engine blocks at car mechanic’s shops in Southern Ontario. Prices reflect the sophistication of this type of welding. When performing any welding at car mechanic’s shop, JW Portable Welding & Repairs is a guest at your mechanic’s shop. In many instances, the car mechanic does not know how the car should be prepared prior our welding, what elements should be taken off to make more access, and what other circumstances must be fulfilled to make our welding a success. You will have to tell him all this information and he must confirm that he agrees to it.

The mechanic also has to know, it will take significant time to perform our welding. Most mechanics are familiar with Mig steel welding using thin wires, this is the simplest and fastest welding technique. We are not using this technique at all. If he expects that the car lift will be free within 2 hours, he is highly mistaken.

  1. Here is a welding steel cast /welding cast iron on cracked engine block of BMW. This BMW has participated in a car accident and the water pump bracket was severely damaged. The block has sustained multiple cracks due to severe impact and many cracks could stay hidden for a long time. Certainly, warming up the engine, either by welding or by driving the car could open them up and they will become more visible. This is a single layer cast that required significant cast welding need cast build up in area of a thin cast and one crack repair.
  2. Welding cast aluminum is our specialty so in these two cases we have provided a aluminum mobile welding or more precisely aluminum portable welding on cracked engine blocks. One cracked engine block is from damaged by accident BMW and the other is from large ATV Engine Block damaged by excessive use. On the BMW cracked engine block we have plugged holes that will be later re-drilled and then re-tapped. On the second cracked engine block we had to weld aluminum in such a way to create a tight fit for a steel pin. Since the repair has been done, this experienced hunter still uses his ATV for years and he is spreading the fame of JW Welding & Repairs that we are probably still try to match.
  3. The rear bumper protector provides a upgraded protection of rear bumper of a truck in case of a small accident and it can be used as an aid in stepping up on the truck
Welding services in Heavy Equipment Repairs Sector

The heavy equipment repairs lay within typical mobile welding service capabilities of every mobile welder. Our advantages in the heavy equipment sector stem from certified welder status, offering variety of welding techniques, caring extra tooling to perform this task, cutting torch service and strong mechanical background supported by industrial millwright certification. In most cases in heavy equipment repairs sector we are dealing with steel cracks, welding defects repairs, equipment modification and equipment protection.

  1. Excavator bucket cracks welding performed with high tensile welding rods and then with surfacing welding rods that provide the crack with abrasion resistance. Take a look at two examples here and here out of many performed on monthly bases.
  2. Here are examples where our strong mechanical background was useful in repairing the cracked material around the pin’s bushing on log skidder (logging equipment) and here are cracks on water drilling rig, and cracks on large trailer leveling jacks
  3. Jig welding is gaining popularity due to our steel knowledge, strong mechanical background and our high tensile rods. Here is example of lifting jig fabrication.
  4. Lifting hooks on the bucket is one of most popular services since they are so useful for a backhoe operator
  5. Here is a example of aluminum mobile welding on aluminum ladder on truck used in electrical repairs
  6. And here is example of repair of ring gear teeth on crane. In fact welding on cranes is one of our popular services performed by mobile welding unit in Southern Ontario.
Welding services in Warehouse and Retail Equipment Sector

JW Portable welding provides mobile welding service in warehouses and retail outlets on their equipment mostly locally in London. They include retail ladder repairs, caster wheels replacement and re-fabrication of warehouse racks.

In-Shop Welding Services – Metal Fabrication, Aluminum Fabrication, Stainless Fabrication Sectors

Our metal fabrication is mostly focused on precise fabrication with tolerances within (1-2 mm) using steel welding, aluminum welding and stainless-steel welding. Most of the fabrication is custom fabrication but slowly we are fabricating our own designs.

  1. An example of our own designs is a Garden cart with UVC lamps, uv light fabricated for local medical marijuana grower to stimulate production of trichomes and manage protection against Powdery Mildew and Botritis. This project is unique since it requires balancing tests for many functions that must be performed by the cart, was designed in such a way that it serves as a prototype for many improvements, and it included electrical components that consists of assembly of generic version of our uvc lights. At present time we have upgraded the initial prototype in number of areas and we custom fabricate this cart in 3 models. The improvements effort will continue to provide a garden cart that will accommodate to the needs of marijuana growers as well as vegetable growers.
  2. Window grill fabrication involving aluminum welding for extra luxury look and lack of rust is a custom aluminum fabrication made for local window manufacturers. Take a look at them here and here.
  3. Gas Oven Burner fabrication with severe modification serves as example of our Tig stainless steel fabrications. Our gas burner service that include repairs to casted gas burners, stainless gas burners, industrial gas burners and custom gas burners is gaining popularity since many burners are out of production, the whole equipment replacement is too costly and there are not many shops in Ontario dealing with burners’ custom fabrication and burners’ modifications
  4. Aluminum railing fabrication and aluminum railing repairs are gaining popularity due to lack of rust and esthetic designs. Aluminum railing is rather expensive in fabrication, but it is gaining popularity among commercial clients.

Our security solutions line of products that were designed by JW Portable Welding & Repairs are among metal fabrications we perform for our clients out of our small shop. The security solutions include door security bar on commercial steel metal doors, commercial steel door jamb protector and security door on roof access ladder.

Welding services in Welding Cast Sector: welding cast aluminum, welding cast steel, welding cast iron

Welding cast is our specialty. Some welding shops do undertake this challenging service in Ontario, but not many mobile welders offer on-site and in-place welding cast service. In cases where casts are small like in the example of this Italian made worm gearbox that required welding cast aluminum the place of the repair does not make any difference. However, in case of large and expensive steel casts, that cannot be easily transported due to the risk of crack elongation during the transport, or they are too costly to be taken apart and then installed back, the mobile welding cast service provides valuable solution. In the car’s mechanic shop sector, we have done many projects of cracked engine blocks that involve welding cast whether it is a welding cast aluminum or welding cast steel.

  1. Here is example of our welding of cast aluminum on Italian made worm gearbox which was done in our shop due to the need of continues temperature control. The thin aluminum casts accumulate temperature very quickly and the irreversible damage can occur without any warning signals. Additionally, we had to maintain strict dimension parameters when welding aluminum on this cast. Thicker aluminum cast are much easier to weld, and we have performed welding cast aluminum repairs on many of them.
  2. Welding Expensive Cast Steel. This was a challenging welding cast project due to the fact of extensive cracks in variety of positions, use of highly advanced welding rods for welding steel cast that behave slightly differently, long welding exhausting welding hours, and the necessity of constant heat cast for the cast steel to avoid warpage or possibly cracks.
  3. In shop we also perform stove grill cast cracks welding very often as such service is required by restaurant owners.
Metal Glue, Metal Epoxy, Epoxy Resin and Corrosion Services Sector

Metal glue, metal epoxy, epoxy resin services and corrosion services are our specialty. However, metal glue, metal epoxy and epoxy services are rather focused on water and oil leaks elimination that not necessary is caused by corrosion. The corrosion services is strictly focused on corrosion repairs and corrosion protection. The corrosion protection resistance focuses on keeping the element corrosion free for years even if element could sustain abrasion, impact or is position in corrosive chemicals. Both services are provided in mobile version, in place and are performed on clients’ site what makes a huge difference for mechanical technician, maintenance manager, facility maintenance, building maintenance, maintenance technician

  1. Here is a leaky aluminum heat exchanger on large commercial complex that is leaking from multiple places. Our custom metal putty application has saved the tens of thousands of dollars on repair of this large commercial heat exchanger. For aluminum welding to be performed on this heat exchanger, it would have to be isolated, lifted by crane, aluminum welded in shop or on customer’s site, then lifted once again and positioned properly, finally all major pipes would have to be connected back. All the cladding would have to be removed and then position back. This project would last at least 3 weeks and would be very costly to the client. How the university facilities would perform without a convenience of air conditioning is just a question at this moment since we have done this job in 2 days while the heat exchanger was operational all the time.
  2. Semi – truck cracked engine blocks are prime candidates for our metal glue mobile service as long as the engine block crack is not progressing fast, which is the case in most cases. We offer the choice of prolonging the use of the existing engine to an owner of the semi truck instead of spending 60 or 70 thousand of dollars on a used engine plus the cost of replacing the engine. Our epoxy glues last years on semi trucks engine blocks and perform very well as long as the crack does not move outside of the metal epoxy patch. Here are just two drastically different examples of our mobile epoxy service for truckers, here is first and here is the second one.
  3. Elimination of water leaks in kitchen, restaurants and in hospitality industry, and in variety of containers that you can find on trucks and in many facilities serves as another example of metal glue services. Here is our application on stainless steel sheet metal container that has been fabricated with multiple flaws and here is elimination of wastewater leaks on container in the retirement home’s kitchen. Both repairs did not take longer than a few hours and the container was ready for operation.

We provide supporting welding services to all contractors and preventative maintenance to manufacturers

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

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