One Source Solution to your project challenges with mobile welding services, epoxy glue, prevention of corrosion, and precise metal fabrication in a small welding shop.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs’ specialization areas such as mobile welding services, precise metal fabrication, epoxy glue and corrosion protection support each other and we incorporate experiences from one specialization area into another specialization area forming improvements that our competitors simply are not able to match. Experienced maintenance managers, facility managers, operation managers, technicians and technologists always plan ahead and try to predict the answer to the question, what if plan A will not work out? What is plan B? Do you have plan C?Simply put, even the most brilliant minds can not predict the the complex project stage’s outcome, due to uncontrollable risks such as weather changes, parts and equipment failure, human error or unexpected and incorrect decisions made by independent decision maker long before the current project was in pre-planed stage.

Having options for risk and cost mitigation minimizes the probability of project’s failure and it assures meeting the budget constrains. JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides you with options of plan A, B, C, and D that provide solutions to unpredictable risks. These technological solutions are managed and implemented under one roof, with one management source responsible for project implementation. Each solution proposed by us bears some risks, advantages, disadvantages and costs associated with each technology or technique. And as always the decision will be yours to choose the most reasonable solution according to your qualifying criteria. Since we have in our disposition variety of complementing technologies, we can propose multiple solutions to your project’s most demanding challenges and meet your budget.


Mobile welding services, certified welder: heavy equipment repair, mobile aluminum welding, portable welding (110 V – 220 V), stainless welding including Mig, Tig and Stick welding stainless steel

JW Portable Welding & Repairs through our specialization of mobile welding services performed by certified welder has achieved an advanced level in

  1. heavy equipment repair welding focused on material fatigue areas, with high tensile rods used for crack elimination and surfacing alloys for impact and abrasion resistance
  2. mobile aluminum welding using tested aluminum rod series 3 and 4,
  3. portable welding using variety of portable welders when mobile welding is not convenient or simply not possible
  4. stainless welding using stainless steel rod and mig welding stainless steel with both techniques providing solutions to kitchen and restaurants owners

Our welders are organized, efficient, well prepared, have the necessary equipment to achieve correct welding technique, have the right welding consumables such as technologically advanced welding rods and proper abrasives that benefit our clients most, respect your safety policy, and have proper PPE.


Use of epoxy resin: metal epoxy, epoxy glue, and epoxy potty in metal crack repair, water weld repair, engine oil leak, and oil, water or gas tank leak

The custom made by us metal epoxy, epoxy glue and epoxy potty focus on semi-permanent problem resolution when welding is not desired, too expensive, technologically impossible or impossible due to timing constrains. Water tanks leaking water through cracks, cracks caused by welding imperfection or cracks due to rust, vibration, heat stress or due to structural problems serve as a typical example of the metal epoxy service. Another example would be leaking heat exchanger especially these heat exchangers made from aluminum.


Prevention of corrosion, corrosion repairs in industrial, commercial and construction setup

Welding elements with structural integrity undermined by corrosion is sometimes impossible, too expensive and could cause undesired results due to extensive and unpredictable warpage. Sometimes however, we can prolong the useful life using our epoxy resins tor rebuilt to certain degree the structural integrity of the rusted element. In such cases we use our stronger industrial rust inhibitor to lay a good foundation for multiple layers of epoxy resins with the top epoxy layer enhanced by additives improving impact resistance, abrasion resistance or chemical corrosion resistance.


Precise metal fabrication from aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel with mechanical assembly – extensive mechanical background of machine builder

When you have a fabrication project that relates to the machine builder function, mechanical assembly, machinery building, safety guards, machinery rebuilt, machine repair, we will be the natural fit for such project. Our metal fabrication is not restricted by the choice of metal and the long experience in mechanical maintenance supported by proper certification of industrial millwright makes us better suited since we will look at the project fabrication from the mechanical perspective. In ordinary metal fabrication procedures, the fitting tolerances used are much more relaxed than in mechanical assembly performed by industrial millwright. Simply put, the industrial millwrights are concerned with tolerances according to the thickness of one sheet of paper and fitter-welder in common metal fabrication shop is concerned with tolerances of pinky finger thickness. Since in our precision metal fabrication we use tolerances, realistically speaking, ranging from 1 mm to 2 mm, we will perform our precision metal fabrication according to machine builder standard. We will strive to be the best machine builder, prototype builder,  you can find.


Benefits of JW Portable Welding & Repairs technological advantage:

On many projects each service complements the other services

One Source Solution 


Technological Flexibility of Welding Services
  1. 1. We carefully select and recommend technology within our welding services that is best suited for your project and include detailed descriptions on how the technology chosen will affect project efficiency, quality, weld strength and cost.
    •  We offer S.M.A.W. Welding (STICK), T.I.G. Welding (Tig), and M.I.G. (Mig) welding techniques in both mobile welding and/or portable welding and in shop welding for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, a variety of iron casts, steel casts and aluminum casts as well as variety of alloys.
    •  We own 13 welding machines that are modified to increase their performance, mobility/portability, welding process’ control, and reach.
  2. 2. We choose welding rods and abrasives suited for particular applications, which are NOT mixed under any circumstance with other welding consumables not suited for your project. This is done to avoid weld contamination.
  3. 3. We clean and preheat the welded pieces to avoid contamination and porosity.
  4. 4. We use techniques like backing plates, measuring temperature during welding process, and rotational /scattering welding patterns to eliminate any warping.
  5. 5. We can take samples of the item being welded and select the welding rod with a proper composition that best suits your unique piece.
Efficiency - Owned Equipment - Planing - Knowledge - Experience
  1. 1. No welding equipment failure – we own and maintain our own equipment to avoid any unreliable circumstances with rented equipment.
  2. 2. No supporting tool failures – we own and maintain our own supporting tools and always have spare tools on the job site.
  3. 3. Proper job planning – during the initial visit we specify the welding machine, materials and consumables such as rods, grinding disks etc. to ensure we are fully prepared for the job when we arrive.
  4. 4. We use proper welding techniques for particular applications and advanced welding rods in proper sizes to provide a strong, aesthetically desirable, long lasting weld.
  5. 5. We use the most efficient welding technique recommended for your specific situation and pair that with the use of highly efficient abrasives for your project.
  6. 6. Highly experienced team strives to provide quality performance with unmatched turnaround times.
Increased Weld Strength Attributable to use of Technologically Advanced Welding Consumables (Welding rods, wires, tig rods) 60 - 80 types
  1. 1. We stay current and up to date by attending various welding workshops.
  2. 2. We do not hesitate to research and purchase specialty welding rods in US for aluminum, aluminum cast, iron cast welding and high tensile welding rods.
  3. 3. We use premium welding rods for mild steel welding and stainless steel welding for pipe and plate welding.
  4. 4. We preheat welding rods in the oven prior to welding.
  5. 5. We use premium quality abrasives recommended for particular metals – they are not reused.
JW Welding & Repairs will go beyond welding; 24 types of industrial epoxy adhesives (epoxy glue, metal epoxy, epoxy potty for metal and plastic).
  1. 1. We use metallic based epoxy resin and epoxy adhesive (epoxy glue, metal epoxy, epoxy potty) to seal leaks in cracked plastic, cracked sheet metal and cracked casts.
  2. 2. We treat surfaces and change shapes of surfaces during the preparation process.
  3. 3. We adjust the time of our industrial epoxy preparation pending on air temperature, metal or plastic temperature, air movement, and position to be applied.
JW Welding & Repairs will go beyond welding; corrosion service supported by welding services and epoxy service
  1. 1. We provide on-site and in-place corrosion service for industrial and commercial clients that is supported by our welding and epoxy services.
  2. 2. We use second generation epoxy inhibitors and/or rust converter that integrate well with epoxy resins layered on top.
  3. 3. We can enhance the top epoxy layer to provide additional chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

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