Restaurant Decor Repair

JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers in-place or in-shop repairs for the following items:

  • restaurant decor elements
  • metal wall art decor elements
  • metal sculptures
  • wrought iron wall decor elements
  • metal artwork of any kind
  • bronze statues/sculptures
  • metal yard art elements
  • iron wall decor elements
  • “metal tree” wall art
  • copper wall art
  • antique bronze items and any bronze decor items


The repairs listed above are the most popular among our clients. Our extensive welding capabilities allow us to utilize water-cooled TIG machine (220v) or air-cooled TIG machine (110v) to accommodate the welding repair process. As we noticed so far, the introduction of our portable air-cooled TIG (110v) machine is most favorable to our clients because of its low cost and convenience of 110v access.

Please be aware that “in-place” welding refers to working on a project on the clients’ site, but is not limited to the exact place where the element stands or hangs. Sometimes, our clients have to reposition the item for ease of access and to eliminate fire hazard or associated burn hazard.

Additionally, our clients have to be aware that we have to clean the welded surface from the paint and any other coating before the welding process will take place. We do generate some noise and dust during the preparation process that takes place before the welding.

During the TIG welding process, the heat generated spreads up to a 1 inch radius from the welded point, causing the deformation associated with the welding process to be minimal although it can exist. After the welding process, the paint close enough to the weld will burn/peel off, therefore, our clients have to consider repainting the repaired area.

Certain items that require a deeper weld penetration, a more complex joint preparation, or more artistic work will usually be taken into our shop. Such items usually include:

  • any repairs to metal sculptures
  • repairs to copper items
  • repairs to any items made from bronze

We provide quotes free of charge in advance for any repairs.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552