Restaurant Equipment Repair: Stock Pots & Restaurant Stainless Steel Tables.


JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers services focused on advanced welding techniques and mechanical repairs that mach the technical demands of kitchen or bakery equipment repairs. We offer extensive stainless steel welding, mechanical repairs, custom production of stainless steel parts, and competitive pricing.

You may be faced with various challenges after deciding to repair or modify your old kitchen equipment. The following below are a list of such challenges:

  1. New parts do not fit your old equipment
  2. Old parts have to be reconditioned in-place
  3. Certain sections of equipment have lots of cracks and the equipment vibrates extensively
  4. Damaged bushings, bearings and sprockets have to be replaced
  5. No drawing for planned machine modifications

Our extensive mechanical background allows us to evaluate your equipment repairs and provide answers to common questions like:

  1. Which parts can be repaired?
  2. Which parts can be reconditioned and then installed back to the machine?
  3. Which parts have to be custom made?
  4. Which parts are still available for your machine on the market?
  5. Which machine part has to be modified to eliminate the existing problem?
  6. How will the planned modification appear on the homemade or computer made sketch?
  7. How much will the repair cost?


In our unique approach, we combine the mechanical expertise with advanced welding technology to produce welds that sustain the mechanical stresses generated during the normal operation of your equipment. In the welding preparation process, we evaluate the mechanical and environmental stress acting upon the broken component. Next, the degree of weld penetration is determined, followed by a proper selection of a stainless steel rod that meets technological demands. Such pre-designed welds form a strong base for our kitchen equipment repairs.

From a mechanical point of view, we measure the sustained damages of the equipment’s parts during the initial stage and then compare them to the standard tolerances. Next, we evaluate the damaged parts and separate them into two categories: parts that can be quickly reconditioned and installed back to the equipment; and parts that have to be custom produced. Afterwards, we quickly generate technical drawings for custom made parts and we specify the material. Once we establish a total cost for the repair, we explain to clients the associated cost and benefit ratio as it relates to every component. Therefore, our clients are aware and updated about the cost of repair at all times. Our clients contribute positively in establishing a manageable budget for the repair of their own equipment and they know what they have paid for.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552