Kitchen Equipment Repairs (tools hanger)

JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers repairs to kitchen equipment in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. This service is offered either in-place or in our shop. We accommodate our welding equipment and welding techniques to fit your needs.


Cooks in every commercial kitchen would agree that the hangers shown above can cause headaches in the workplace. The arms of these hangers tend to fall off or bend horizontally and vertically. The stainless steel sheet metal is extremely thin and the structure as a whole is not stable. We used our stationary welding machine to TIG weld stainless steel sheet metal to repair and modify these hangers.


First, we had cleaned the properly welded parts. Next, we had to position an oversized weld with correct penetration to cover the oversized hole that was left after the hangers arm fell off. We then introduced triangle supports above and on the side of each hangers arm. The supports are made from the much thicker stainless steel sheet metal. These supports should provide some stability and strength to the hangers structure. Finally, we cleaned the weld to upgrade them to a “food grade” quality. An experienced stainless steel welder would notice that we have used a more advanced technique to clean these welds. This project was completed on a low budget to avoid spending money on an old hanger.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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