Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Welding / Repair ( Welding Sink’s Partitions)

JW Welding & Repairs supports restaurant owners without welding and repair services.


Over the last few years, we have successfully repaired numerous holes in stainless steel sinks. Although some repairs can be more challenging, causing discoloration and minor surface imperfections, the weld is still durable and long lasting.


The partition welding brings a different set of challenges to the table, which include:

  • restrictions to connect our best welding machine
  • difficulties in minimizing the gap between the partition and the bottom of the sink (4-5mm)
  • extreme warpage
  • uncomfortable welding position
  • difficulty feeding the paddle with the rod over the distance of the weld
  • difficulty seeing the paddle due to a relatively large distance between the welding piece and welders hand
  • low visibility angle
  • very confined space


JW Welding & Repairs is committed to overcoming these challenges by designing improvements regarding the repair structure of stainless steel sinks. We continue to modify our technique to improve our performance and in turn, improve the visible weld.


Our efforts to improve this particular welding technique will focus on building the custom jigs for reducing the gap between the partition and the bottom of the sink. Additionally, we are developing the best practices possible to evenly disperse heat throughout the weld.


This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552