Welding cracks in an amusement park’s equipment

JW Portable Welding & Repairs welds cracks on the entertainment equipment. We support maintenance managers in their efforts to make the entertainment equipment save for people to ride on. In most cases, we repair large and long cracks in this industry.

We treat these welds very seriously since the well being of riders is here at stake.  Inspections are usually performed by equipment operators and then they are approved by a trained and knowledgeable technician. We usually come on to provide this service during their initial set up prior opening the amusement park and then during the equipment disassembly stage.

There are many challenges during these crack repairs. The challenges begin with a  very difficult access to the damaged place, close proximity to plastic covers and electrical cables, a variety of material to be welded such as milled steel, tool steel, aluminum, stainless and a great variety of thicknesses that are sometimes difficult to be determined prior welding. The welder going there has to be well equipped and should have a selection of welding consumables on his/her disposition.

Welding cracks on the entertainment equipment require in many instances to start welding cold. The use of heat prior welding is disallowed due to reasons mentioned above but also due to heavy paint that covers the whole equipment. The fire hazard is very significant. In some cases, the presence of grease does not allow an open fire. These operators definitely try their best to over-grease their equipment.

That is why welding cracks in such conditions require the use of special rods and crack preparation. As you know, depending on the desired strength effects the combination of rods could be used to enhance the strength of the repair. Welders should be updated in a variety of these rods and the order of their application in the crack.

This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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