Semi Truck Engine Block Crack. Cracked Engine Block. Metal Epoxy Leak Seal

JW Portable Welding & Repairs seals oil leaks on semi truck’s engine block cracks, large equipment cracked engine blocks, with metal epoxy (steel epoxy). This repair method provides a valuable and not very expensive option for oil leak elimination due to engine block crack. It is an alternative option aside of welding the cracked engine block or replacing the whole engine. We presently handle about 24 types of different epoxies for a variety of applications. The industrial epoxy glue for metal application complements our welding services in cases where welding is not possible, not desired or simply too expensive.

It has to be stressed out that not all engine block cracks can be sealed successfully and these cracks that cannot be sealed have to be welded up. The slow-moving cracks in vertical and overhead positions can be sealed by our epoxy. The slow-moving crack is the crack that penetrates the block with speed about ¼ – ½ inch a year. Our epoxy seals could buy the owner valuable time of perhaps 2 – 4 years even for a crack that penetrates the block engine close to our maximum speed.  The fast-moving cracks, that is all cracks moving faster than ½ inch per year have to be welded up.

The surroundings of the crack and the crack itself have to be prepared prior our application by the mechanic for cost saving. The paint, grease, dirt has to be removed from the crack surroundings the parameter of about 3- 4 inches from the crack.  The mechanic should also mark clearly the crack location when the engine is warm and the oil leaks through it. I also recommend for a mechanic to initially grind the groove of the crack when the engine is warm to clearly indicate the end of the crack.

Once the engine cools down, the crack will contract and it will be hardly visible. We can, of course, trace the crack by other methods but in difficult conditions, some of these methods provide false results.

We generally do not recommend drilling the ends of the crack prior the epoxy sealing application since the ends of the crack are difficult to determine. The location of the end of the crack when looking from outside on the engine block is different than the location of then crack end when looking from inside on the engine block. The semi-truck engine blocks are very thick and the crack can penetrate the body of the engine block cast in multiple directions. The attempt to drill the end of the crack from outside of the engine block will probably miss the location of the end of the crack when looking from inside. The drilling of the crack ends prohibits successfully the crack spread in thinner casts.

I would like to stress here that epoxy seal does not prohibit the crack growth and therefore I recommend it only for slow moving cracks. The epoxy seal drastically restricts or eliminates completely the flow of oil from the cracked engine block. The epoxy seal will work its magic until crack grows out from its cover. Once the crack grows outside the epoxy treatment than the oil will start leaking once again.

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