Epoxy resin repairs, metal glue, on leaky heat exchangers [commercial hvac]

JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides repair of leaks service using epoxy resin ( metal glue, metal epoxy) within regular maintenance schedule on industrial or commercial hvac heat exchangers. In areas where welding is impossible or very difficult due to its costs, difficult access, or extensive preparation the epoxy repair of leaks forms a valuable solution.
In case of the large aluminum heat exchanger that is part of a large commercial hvac system all reasons mentioned above played the significant role. The leaks were significant and caused by missing welds and the leaks were getting much larger during the full performance of this large heat exchanger. Something had to be done.
The shout down was not possible due to its extreme cost and a long time out of service where many facilities would be facing lack of air conditioning. The insulation of pipes would had to be removed, pipes disconnected and lifted by the crane, then a proper scaffold would had to be build to accommodate welder’s needs, and then tent would had to be built to isolate the welder from the wind in multiple location which will allow the welder to weld aluminum. Finally, everything would have to be put together, prior the heat exchanger was to be put online. Due to a very congested space, we are talking here about 2 – 3 weeks shout down and a major dent to this institution budget. That is why the management was looking for a different solution, perhaps a smarter solution.
This is where JW Portable Welding & Repairs come in with our industrial epoxy resins. We handle 24 different epoxy resins for different applications, many custom made epoxy resins and many specialty epoxy resins made by different manufacturers. We already have skills and experience to apply different types of epoxy for every layer of layered applications to provide better results and we also mix epoxy from different brands and manufacturers to achieve specific results and accommodate the epoxy application to specific conditions.
Complex epoxy applications require in depth material knowledge, proper equipment, proper safety and a trained team who understands the complexity of the tasks. Please remember, due to exothermal nature of the epoxy chemical reaction, the mixing of some industrial and maintenance epoxy must be timed to avoid severe chemical burns. In extreme examples 30 seconds makes the difference between a successful application and a severe burned hand.
Our success is clearly visible on the image slider. Some images do not show the congested conditions and lack of access to the work-piece.
We offer complex epoxy repair service applications across Southern Ontario and we use best custom made glue for metal and best glue for metal to metal.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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