Corrosion service, in place corrosion protection with metal epoxy resin.

JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides in place corrosion services and corrosion protection services utilizing rust converter and thin layer of metal epoxy resin (metal glue). We eliminate leaks by applying multilayered metal epoxy resin outside of  leaking containers and rust converter and thin layer of metal glue inside containers. We presently handle about 24 types of different epoxy resins for a variety of applications and 2 types rust converters and a view types of rust inhibitors. The metal glue for metal application complements our welding services in cases when welding is not possible, not desired or simply too expensive.

The kitchen waste accumulation container is a part of every commercial kitchen and its purpose is to accumulate a solid waste dropped to the sink. By its design, it also accumulates water used as a carrier of the solid waste. The welding repair of rusted holes is simply not efficient since the damaged by rust areas are extensive and thin walled container is not suited to be welded. Additional difficulties are concerned with the overall integrity of the container structure. In this case, there were so many holes that welding would be almost impossible and the management was left only with two options; One was to replace the container which is very expensive and the other option was to provide corrosion protection inside, seal the leaks somehow and improve the integrity of the rusted container.

The corrosion service that includes corrosion protection with rust converter and thin layer of metal epoxy resin definitely required some patience in this case. However, the outside surface went fairly quickly and the structural integrity has been enhanced by the extraordinary strength of our metal glue.

The chosen epoxy compound worked perfectly and our manufacturer training regarding timing the whole application from the pot life to the hardening point was very useful.  This timing simply allows applying the epoxy compound prior the rapid solidification while still in the semi-solid state. For some epoxy types, this time consists of 20 – 30 seconds. The timing allows applying the epoxy compound shortly prior to rapid solidification when the epoxy transfers rapidly from the semi-solid state to a solid state. In many epoxy applications, timing is critical and it depends on environment temperature, a temperature of the surface, a temperature of the epoxy as well as the air movement. Experience, temperature measurement, and precision are extremely important, especially considering the exothermal chemical reaction that can cause burns.

This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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