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JW Portable Welding & Repairs is a one source solution to your project challenges in mobile welding and in welding shop projects such as aluminum fabrication, stainless steel fabrication, welding iron cast, welding cast steel, welding cast aluminum, welding defects repair and crack repair, precision metal fabrication, epoxy glue application, on-site prevention of corrosion service and rust repair in industrial and commercial setup. Our successes contribute to cost reduction, security enhancement and profit maximization of our clients therefore the communication with our clients is paramount to us. Look at our specialization to get a better perspective at our technical capabilities.

Aluminum Fabrication and Aluminum Welding

We provide aluminum fabrication in shop and aluminum welding on site and in place. Certainly welding techniques differ significantly if we compare aluminum fabrication techniques to on -site aluminum welding techniques since both techniques take into consideration wind factor. In our on – site aluminum welding whether mobile or portable version the wind is too significant to employ MIG or Tig aluminum welding. Although, we had some successes with on-site Tig aluminum welding but, generally speaking, due to the windy conditions we definitely prefer stick aluminum welding. In terms of aluminum fabrication we operate both techniques Mig aluminum and Tig aluminum. Tig aluminum we use for very narrow aluminum elements fabrication such as our window grills and aluminum fabrication using Mig is utilized when the width of the aluminum elements is longer than about 1″

Stainless steel Fabrication and Stainless Steel Welding

We provide stainless steel fabrication services out of our shop and we utilize stainless steel welding in our on – site and in place operations. In our mobile and portable stainless steel welding we utilize variety of stainless steel rods from lower industrial grades to higher food grades. We also provide stainless steel welding in all positions including vertical position with setup of within 3 A. In terms of stainless steel fabrication we mostly employ tig welding since the elements are rather small and thin. However, we are capable of employing Mig stainless steel welding for large elements as long as they will fit to our small welding shop.

Business ethics, work ethics and communication in welding

The initial constructive contact with us starts with your projects’ pictures, drawings, and sketches. You can send us pictures attached to the email or you can text us pictures on the phone number provided on this page. When taking a picture of your welding project please point a finger close to a spot of your main concern. This will indicate approximately the size of the project, size of the weld and help us to determine the complexity of your project.

Most projects are straight forward and do not require any explanations, but some are not as simple.  In case of more sophisticated project, we will follow with on site visitation and continue our discussion. We will also share our concerns with you as they refer to different project stages. During this process, we do not reveal our trade secrets although we share our technological constrains. Become familiar with questions we will be asking when approaching your project that are located on technological edge page. Finally, we make sure client understands all technological limitations and associated with them risks prior project implementation.

Sometimes during our initial consultations, we could propose a better solution that does not involve us and we will refer you to a different company, or perhaps will recommend our metal epoxy glue, metal glue, and corrosion services. We simply believe that even if you will use somebody’s else’s service or product, you will sooner or later come to a person who has advised you in your best interest.

Client’s involvement in on-site project is sometimes necessary. In many cases clients are asked to perform certain tasks prior, during and after we come on site in order to make access to a work piece, make our work possible and secure, improve protection of a work piece, or to reduce project’s cost. We come on site prepared, well equipped with necessary equipment to perform correct welding technique and we have technologically advanced welding consumables such as welding rods and wires as well as abrasives. Then with a clear plan, we proceed and efficiently accomplish your project.

Metal Fabrication Consulting, Mechanical & Welding General Contractor

There are areas of metal fabrication that challenge even the most experienced fabricators and they relate to warpage and penetration and in these areas we provide consulting in case by case bases. In other cases, our clients are faced with very complex technological challenges with involvement of many contractors in many different specialties. In cases where our task is crucial for the overall project success and other contractors must get involved prior we come on board than in such cases it is much easier to delegate JW Portable Welding & Repairs as a general contractor. Certainly, these projects have extensive mechanical, electrical, concrete and hydraulic nature.

Geographical Area of Operation: mobile welding, mobile epoxy, mobile corrosion protection

JW Portable Welding & Repairs is primarily located in London, Ontario but our services are offered across Southern Ontario. We devote special attention to mobile/portable projects in the following cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Halton Hills, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Vaughan, Hamilton, Goderich, Brantford, Sarnia, Chatham-Kent, Oven Sound, and Guelph


JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides solutions to your most critical project challenges in Ontario.

We are up for a challenge! JW Portable Welding & Repairs takes pride in accepting the most difficult or challenging projects, while handling them with care and precision.

  • If you think , your unit is damaged beyond repair and the the replacement is too expensive: welding cast aluminum, welding cast iron, stainless steel welding
  • Integrity of metal is severely disturbed due to cracks and weld cracks (Vibration, thermal expansion )
  • Welding place is not accessible and the weld is difficult to do
  • Other welders refused the job or failed to perform to your high quality standards

If you believe that your unit is damaged beyond repair and the replacement is too expensive, if the integrity of the metal is severely disturbed, or if accessing a workplace is not possible for your difficult weld then please contact:

Darek, @ (519) 872-2552

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