Mobile welding – stick aluminum welding of railing [handrail]

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports property owners with our stick aluminum welding of damaged railing (handrail). Our mobile welding unit is well equipped with variety of aluminum welding rods to accomplish welding and repair services.


The majority of welders would use TIG or MIG machines in their shop to successfully weld aluminum, which can still prove to be challenging. Adding mobile/portable aluminum welding creates an additional set of challenges: environmental and technological.


Environmentally, welders face the blowing effects of wind, which eliminates a shield of argon gas that is used in TIG and MIG processes. This can make TIG and MIG welding processes less practical in nature.


Technologically, mobile welders who work with aluminum deal with the weight and large dimensions of the equipment. The MIG machines for welding aluminum are heavy and the generators are even heavier. Moreover, the combination of self-propelled welding machine and a spool gun is a rather uncomfortable combination in inaccessible places due to the weight of the self-propelled welding machines.


What sets JW Welding & Repairs aside from the rest is that we use SMAW (Stick), aluminum welding with our smallest self-propelled welding machine. This self-propelled welding machine is pulled by the welder, following the welder wherever they go. This avoids any uncomfortable restrictions that one may face trying to use TIG or MIG welding.


Welders who have approached aluminum stick welding may have experienced some of these road blocks. The standard aluminum stick welding is messy, cold looking and the process is very difficult to run smoothly because the visibility of the puddle is virtually non-existent. The precise set up of welding parameters and slightly different movement of the welding gun are very helpful but do not resolve the issue.


The selection of a proper aluminum stick rod resolves the issue ….and makes possible aluminum stick welding. The technological advances of the rod technology allow the welder to control the welding process better which makes the aluminum stick welding possible, esthetically pleasing and effective in nature. Unfortunately, the aluminum welding rods differ themselves in a shield composition and a metal rod composition and therefore extensive search is needed to select the proper aluminum rod for your application.


From now on, JW Portable Welding & Repairs uses exclusively aluminum rods from the selected manufacturer for its SMAW aluminum welding process.


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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