Aluminum Railing (handrail) welding on bridge [Stick welding aluminum]

JW Portable Welding & Repairs welds aluminum railing, handrail, using S.M.A.W. aluminum or aluminum stick welding. In our disposition, we have a few types of aluminum rods that perform fairly well in an open environment, windy, wet conditions and without a tent. Since it is a stick aluminum welding no gases are needed and the full tent enclosure is not necessary.

Welding aluminum is difficult. Every welder knows it. The aluminum simply does not signal the temperature tolerance the way how the steel does.

The aluminum Mig is probably the easiest to do, but it is useless in an open environment. If you want to build the tent then the aluminum Mig is probably the most desirable option.

The aluminum Tig could be performed outside in less windy weather on aluminum but if suddenly the environment changes then you have to resort to the tent once again. Having an umbrella against the wind definitely improves the welding condition.

How to weld aluminum handrail on the bridge?

Everybody knows it is going to be windy this is for sure. Putting the tent outside of the handrail will be very expensive and such procedure will have to adhere to present health and safety standards that will add up to the cost. The only option is S.M.A.W. aluminum welding or, also known as, aluminum stick welding.

I personally have experimented with aluminum rods coming from 9 manufacturers and after this time-consuming exercise, I have determined that each manufacturer rod is slightly different. I have also concluded that some sizes, for certain manufacturers work better than other sizes. Simply put, some sizes have too many flaws to be used in a variety of applications.

Additionally, I have experimented with preheating the welded aluminum and it’s correlation to the amperage set up on the machine. I concluded that aluminum rods from different manufacturers react differently in each particular set up. I have also concluded that amperage set up has to be rather very precise for welding stick aluminum or aluminum S.M.A.W.

Unfortunately, welding on the bridge does not allow for preheating due to the windy conditions and the welding ideally has to begin without any preheating. Once again, the proper aluminum treatment prior welding, restrictive aluminum rod selection and proper welding technique will allow achieving positive results.

I now use a very restricted selection of aluminum rods from selected manufacturers for aluminum S.M.A.W. welding, aluminum stick welding, in very specific sizes. This selection of rods allows for a variety of aluminum welding applications in an open environment and in windy conditions.

This service is offered across South Western Ontario.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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