Welding Cast Aluminum, Repair : Worm Drive, Worm Gearbox, Aluminum Welding

JW Portable Welding & Repairs provides welding cast aluminum, gearbox repair that includes worm gearboxes, worm drives, and aluminum welding services in Southern Ontario. We specialize in in-place cast welding but welding cast aluminum while maintaining the assembly parameters of the cast quadruples the welding difficulties. This job had to go to the shop.
Welding cast aluminum is difficult due to irregular shape as well as critical temperature control. The temperature control is probably the most deterrent factor in the whole process since the welder can quickly overheat the cast and cause irreversible damage. If the pieces are thin, then the cast could experience shape change. Such damaged cast pieces would be impossible to assemble back together.
The aluminum gear box cover provided the mounting attachment of the whole gearbox to the machine. The cover is tight fitted to the gearbox in such a way that does not allow for even minimal misalignment.
The welding cast aluminum while maintaining the assembly parameters for thin aluminum casts are difficult even if we consider the temperature control since the thin cast accumulates heat very quickly. The positioning of the thin aluminum cast for welding process also is difficult due to the necessity of changing the cast position to maintain the flat welding position.
Please look at the slider and notice how we have managed the project. The step outs in the cover bore indicate the tight fitting of the gearbox cover and the size of cast ribbing provide indication regarding sophistication of this cast. Indeed, this is very fine Italian made thin walled aluminum cast. We have turned around this service within 14 hours with 8 hours in the shop and 6 hours in the field assembling the gearbox and additional minor fitting to the conveyor assembly and to the electric motor assembly. Some minor feathering was necessary at the conveyor assembly at the gearbox cover side.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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