Welding Cast Steel, Cast Iron, At Constant Heat Cast [ Large Cast Welding ]

JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers portable and “on-site”, in controlled temperature (at constant heat cast) and with special rods, large cast crack welding service in Ontario, throughout Canada and in the United States (supervision/management). In this way, we are able to repair a variety of large and expensive iron and steel casts.


Initial determinations for crack welding of a large cast.

Our large cast crack welding service starts with determination of the usefulness of this technique to your particular cast and determination of all variable factors related to your particular cracked cast.

In the initial determination, we will require a great variety of pictures focused on the crack, its size, location on the cast, thickness of the cast where the crack is located, location of thickened cast (ribs/supports) and the relative distance of thickened places in the cast in relation to the crack. We also would require pictures allowing us to determine fire hazard of the location as well as the overall distance to the walls, and ventilation conditions.

We would also try to determine the materials used to allow your cast to slowly cool down after our welding.


Inspection prior welding of cracked large casts.

We prefer to inspect on our own the cracked cast and determine its properties as well as to confirm the details provided in the initial determination stage.


Grinding off the cracks in the large cast

We would prefer to grind the cracks on our own since we will be more assured of the complete crack tracing in the cast body which will allow later to select appropriate welding technique and avoid surprises during heating up and welding processes. Some clients decide to grind the cracks themselves to minimize the cost of the overall repair risking the lack of complete crack removal. If clients chose to grind the cracks themselves, we would have to confirm the complete crack removal anyway and we have to still adjust the shape of the ground groove according to our requirements.


Heating up a large cracked cast

We determine the location of heating up and the temperature welder or welders start to weld. We also monitor the temperature fluctuation during the welding process and we modify the amperage setup for welding passes according to the crack position, welding rods used and timing of the heating process.


Cooling down large cast

We strive to protect your hot cast against rapid cooling that will cause cracking. In many cases, some local resources can be utilized for this purpose. Clients have to be aware that fire blankets are sometimes not sufficient to slow down the heat escape from the welded large cast.

This service is offered across Ontario and throughout Canada and in the US (supervisory/management).


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

For further inquiries or to book services please contact:

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