Receiver Tube Cover / Rear Bumper Protector

JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers custom-made Receiver Tube Cover / Rear Bumper Protector. The device offer protection of the receivers tube against the accumulation of rust and dirt, protection of your rear bumper from possible impact from behind, and provides additional foot support for climbing onto the back of your truck.

We fabricated this new jig from stainless steel squad tubing and a stainless steel pipe, both with a wall thickness of 1/8” = 3.175mm. The wall thickness of 1/8” strengthens the entire fabrication in the event of the rear bumper getting hit from behind. All welded joints were prepared to provide maximum weld penetration and then welded using TIG with a stainless steel rod to give the entire fabrication maximum strength to resist sudden impact.

As you will notice in the pictures above, the outside pipe edges stand out from the edge of the bumper approximately 2.5”. This is done to protect you from minor and medium-sized impact, however, we can custom build our product with thicker walls to provide further protection. We used stainless steel in all elements of our products including pin and hitch pin to prevent rust. The main element was ground, polished and buffed to perfection for an unmatched shine.
Although our Receiver Tube Cover/Rear Bumper Protector is built to protect the rear bumper, prevent rust and add additional support for getting into the vehicle, it also looks great and does not deter from your vehicle’s appearance!


Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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