Aluminum Cast Welding: Portable TIG Welding on Aluminum Cast (BMW Engine Block)

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports automotive repair shops and dealerships in Ontario with our advanced welding services. We perform complicated welds on damaged aluminum cast engine blocks on luxury and expensive cars. Please note that our welding service cannot be compared to the standard welding techniques performed in automotive shops and therefore, only repairs on luxury cars would justify our price. We accommodate our welding techniques to meet your specific needs.

We used our most advanced portable welding machine on this very challenging repair. Our overall goal was to seal the existing broken holes, increase the thickness of the material for drilling/tapping of new holes, and increase the width of weld for additional strength.

We have overcome the following challenges during this welding process:

  1. Horizontal weld on aluminum cast with a deep preparation causing blind spots.

The purpose of the preparation was to eliminate damaged tapped holes left after the accident. The accident caused the whole component to break off from the engine block that caused damages to the holes.

  1. Very close location to the engine block split with the gasket sealing the two parts.

The excessive heat during the welding could cause the gasket damage as well as minimal warpage. Excessive warpage and a damaged gasket could negatively influence the sealing aspect between the parts.

  1. Unknown aluminum alloy.

We had to go through a selection of tungsten choices and aluminum TIG rod choices suitable for this type of aluminum cast.

  1. Very confined space with a number of obstacles.

This factor influenced our way of feeding the aluminum rod as well as our choice of TIG gun selection.


We first interviewed the mechanic working on this car to clearly define the welding objective. We then recommended the welding preparation suitable for this project. Next, we selected through appropriate measures the necessary aluminum welding rods and tungsten. Finally, we made sure that we could feed the aluminum TIG rods to where they are needed. After so many preparatory steps prior to starting the project, the welding process itself did not cause any challenges. Once we finished one spot, the mechanic was able to grind the spot to achieve the flat surface and then drill/tap the new hole.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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