Aluminum Cast Welding: Portable T.I.G. Welding on Aluminum Cast (ATV engine block)

JW Portable Welding & Repairs supports automotive repair shops and automotive dealers in Ontario with our advanced welding services. We perform complicated welds on aluminum cast and iron casts engine blocks of luxury cars as well as ATV’s. We accommodate our portable welding equipment and our welding techniques to adhere to your requirements and overcome technologically challenging welding conditions.

This specific repair called for our most advanced portable welding machine. Our goal was to rebuild seats of the steel pin, with one seat being previously rebuilt on the cover and another was rebuilt on the engine block itself. The pin accommodates the sprocket that engages with a large sprocket visible in the pictures. We were also asked to increase the strength of the material that surrounds the seats.

During the welding process we overcame the following challenges:

  1. Weld preparation that allows solid build up and will hold the steel pin in place.
    • The idea was to repair the seat with the existing pin in place during the welding process. A procedure such as this would maintain a tight fit between the pin and the seat.
  2. Very close distance to the main sprocket.
    • Unfortunately, the mechanic was not able to remove the large sprocket prior to the welding process and we had to perform the repair within close proximity to the large sprocket. The main difficulty was to maintain the weld preparation in a similar fashion as we would on the cover, but in extremely constricted conditions. We then had to perform the weld in a very difficult position with minimal visibility due to the close proximity of the large sprocket. In the future, we will insist on having a more comfortable and effective working space prior to our weld repairs.
  3. Very confined space with a number of obstacles.
    • This factor influenced our way of feeding the aluminum rod and also influenced our choice of TIG gun selection.


JW Portable Welding & Repairs specializes in difficult and challenging welds. We offer mobile welding across Ontario (your budget permitting) with our advanced aluminum cast welding techniques. Some clients prefer to send us the aluminum cast parts to conduct the repair at our shop as it significantly reduces the cost of repair. This can only be done when the parts are relatively small. Ultimately, the decision is based on whether the customer wants to purchase a new part or repair the existing part in-place/send to our shop.

Our technological advantage, efficiency and effectiveness sets us apart in the industry.

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